A true barefoot shoe.

Yoga. Dance. Walk.

Penny Light in Barebottoms

It looks like you are wearing a shoe but they don't have a sole.


Once you rediscover the joy and freedom you experienced as a child when you were barefoot, you'll want to experience that sensation again.

Ground yourself in style and be more aware and present while wearing Barebottoms. You can be barefoot indoors, at the studio or your home, and go to the backyard, the beach, the park and beyond in comfort.

What is the function of the shoe? Once on your foot you'll have the feeling of support around the arch of the foot which gives you the confidence to go barefoot. They let your feet do what they were meant to do: help your body to heal itself.

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Epoch Times Interview with Sue Kenney about Barefooting and the Camino                                                                

We have 2 styles: Barebottoms Original Suede (see picture above) and Barebottoms Amphibious vegan-friendly style below. Order online at www.barebottomshoes.com


Barebottoms: As seen on the hit TV show Dragons' Den.Pitchin to the Dragons!

A true barefoot shoe.

Read a review by Heidi Fiscus.

Watch Practical Barefooting webinars hosted by Sue Kenney & Stephanie Welch. 

It's soul simple.

Barebottoms allow you to go where ever you want barefoot. Feel the earth, improve your balance,  and be free. Can we worn for yoga, dance, walking, water sports, barefooting and more. 

Read two reviews about Barebottom shoes from members of the Society for Barefoot Living. 

Alex CD photography Wanderlust

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VEGAN friendly option for barefooting in a sole-less shoe. Max Zagrofos walks around London, England wearing them.

Barebottoms amphibious shoes. One size fits all - Women (shoe size 6-10 Canada) Men (shoe size 8-12 Canada)



Youth, Children's and Babybottoms coming soon.

IMG_2158[1]IMG_2172[1]IMG_2163[1]Red neoprene front

Handmade and designed by Sue Kenney, author of the best selling book My Camino.

Barebottoms original/suede

A true barefoot shoe.Connect soul to sole. More than a fashion accessory.

Handcrafted in Canada. Designed by Sue Kenney. Natural Suede. Note: Shoe sizes are Canadian/US sizing.  Watch a film here about redefining footwear.

Order Shoes www.barebottomshoes.com

IMG_1937[1]Pitchin to the Dragons!IMG_1185[1] Barebottoms Original The Original style cross-garters around your ankle and around your leg for an elegant or medieval style. If you are not completely happy with your purchase we will do everything we can to offer an alternative or refund your money. There is a $20.00 fee charged if a Paypal payment is by credit card and refunded. We want you to be happy in your barefeet and we are sure these will knock your socks off! Sarah SleanClick Here to learn How to Wear  the shoes. There's a quick version too. Sarah Slean wearing Barebottoms at Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia in July 2014. Yoga mix 027IMG_2747[1]IMG_2403

Yoga. Dance. Walk. 

Watch a film here about redefining footwear.

Barebottoms allow you to live a barefoot lifestyle in a shoe with a minimalist look. This is footwear for people who care enough about a return to a a simple life and a deeper connection with Mother Earth in a barefoot shoe. For the serious barefooters, many retail stores have a policy "no shoes, no shirt, no service". If you wear Barebottom Shoes, there's a good chance they won't ask you to leave because they will think you are wearing regular shoes. Here's a short film by Wolf Starchild about Sue's story designing Barebottom Shoes. Wholesale OpportunitiesIf you are interested in carrying Barebottoms at your retail store, studio or on you website, please contact us. We have a beautiful package designed, we can offer artwork for graphics and we offer unconditional support to our clients to help create happiness and prosperity. Contact barebottomshoes@gmail.comPackaging and Graphics.BB_F_displayshipperBB Package front and backIMG_2206[1]IMG_2207[1]IMG_2202[1]    Retail Stores: Active Turtle in Bala, Ontario has a great selection of Yoga classes and workshops. . Click to view their classes.  Waterview Space 150 Dunlop St in Barrie. Contact Living Kindness Yoga studio and store. 25 Mississauga St. Orillia.Ann Green Yoga Studio Barrie, Ontario Muskoka Hot Yoga scheduled to open in Spring 2014. Sandra O'Brian will offer hot yoga to share with everyoneClick to view updates. Muskoka Hot Yoga in Gravenhurst, Ontario scheduled to open in Spring 2014. Sandra O'Brien will offer hot yoga to share with everyoneClick to view updates.BarebottomsIt's Soul Simple  In the natural health related market, a concern about getting back to nature is paramount. Here's an very informative video about how our body works with shoes on! Shoes: the silent killerWatch Sue in a news piece on CTV News Barrie in June 2013. Sue's initial intent was to introduce more people to barefooting and simplifying their footwear to allow the feet to get stronger and do what they were meant to do by offering a "shoe" that looks good. Cut with a renaissance look that is stylish, hand-made in suede, and we have a vegan option now too! They are comfy and can be worn indoors and outdoors too. Try them at your Yoga class, Zumba or Nia sessions, to the spa and even at the gym, then wear them home.Sue and Barefoot Moe Podcast about barefooting, the Camino, earthing and barefooting. Listen Here Even Oprah had a pic of herself barefoot on the cover of O!Oprah BarefootJump on the Barefoot Movement with both feet! Do you know that we have almost as many sensory nerves on the bottom of our feet as we do in our spine? The function of these nerves its to know what the terrain is, the temperature, humidity and much more so that signals are triggered to the brain and the systems in the body to adjust things like our cardiovascular system, our nervous system and balancing the body. Wearing these shoes helps us to easily tap into our individual healing system just by exposing that area of the foot. In the 70's the Nike's of the world convinced us we should wear shoes with lots of arch support, cushioning. and padding. Today 10 % of athletes are suffering from an injury that is likely related to the shoes they wear. Nike and their competitors have changed their designs and engineered a minimalist shoe. Vibram came out with Five Fingers and other competitors followed, such as Zems. These shoes are an excellent option to get used to the idea of being barefoot and for protection when needed. The sole is thin (about 2mm) and shaped like a barefoot.  If you've ever worn them, they add immense value in rough terrain, long distances and unfavourable weather conditions. Eventually though, many just want to take their shoes and feel the ground. The natural progression for these people is to experience barefoot, at least some of the time. Studies show that once people shift to a minimalist shoe, they never go back. If you decide to start going barefoot, please start slowly and work up to longer periods of time shodless. Begin walking 10 minutes a day and add a minute each day. 1297402034729_ORIGINALThere are some great books on Barefooting: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, and Barefoot Running Step by Step by Ken Bob Saxton. Although these book are all about running, most of the information can be applied to walking. Click here to view more information on Barebottom Shoes. Read more about Sue's Barefoot Story here Read two reviews of Barebottoms from members of the Society for Barefoot Living.  IMAG0281unnamedIMAG0277IMG_2130Sue and Victoria Rose Ryerson InterviewDSC00332 - CopySUP yoga at WanderlustBeautiful Women Anna Sue SandraSurfing in Orilla Cat and TylerIMG_1160Barefoot MoeIMAG0436Beth at MariposaIMG_2468Sue Stage Dragons Den smallIMG_2032IMG_1075IMG_0802Spring 2012Sue being interviewed on the Trans Canada Trail.Sandra gorgeousBB feet in StudioIMG_0640sue k 115_11Pitchin to the Dragons!Barebottoms Gift BoxBaresoles with BB onApril 2013 404


  1. Della Goetz says:

    Please let me know how I would wear these with bunions. None of your styles shown seem to cover the bunions.

    I wear Vibram’s sometimes and they help my bunions and the osteoarthritis in my knees.

    I also wear toe separators between my my big and 2nd toe on each foot when wearing regular shoes or boots.

    The podiatric surgeon in Calgary doesn’t want to remove them because they don’t hurt. They are simply a nuisance and don’t look nice.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions and feedback.


    He told me to go to Sole to Soul, a store in Calgary to get wider fitting shoes.

    • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

      Hi Della,

      I don’t seem to have a pic of these shoes with bunions but I have a customer who bought them and she has really bad bunions. Glad to hear yours aren’t painful. The style of the shoes do not usually get in the way of them because they are open on the side. You could try them and if they don’t work for you, you can return them for a refund less the shipping fees. Feel free to email me at barebottomshoes@gmail.com as I am the designer. Sue

  2. Caroline says:

    Saw Dragon’s Den. Think it would be a good idea to go after the Sailor’s. I would be great deck wear. Don’t limit your target market.
    Good luck on your Venture.

    Wish you great success!

    • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

      That’s a great idea. Especially women who want something fashionable on their feet, but they are still bare soled!
      Thanks for your wishes and for writing.
      Soul to sole,

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