Writer’s Retreat in Ecuador – March Break

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What a way to spend March Break in the warmth and natural beauty of Mindo. Join us on this creative exploration in the ultimate natural setting for writing. Everyone is welcome and feel free to bring a friend too!

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My Camino Audiobook Testimonial

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I received a delightful testimonial from a pilgrim about to embark on her Camino.I truly appreciate when someone takes the time to write. Thank you Nicole.

“Hello Sue My name is Nicole and I am from Darwin, Australia.  I fly out on April 16 and start my Camino journey on April 23 at St Jean Pied de Port across to Spain to Santiago. I came across your radio interview last week and was so inspired by your words, I then purchased your audio book ‘My Camino’  and have just finished listening to it.  What an amazing journey and so inspirational – I just want to say thank you, your truly an amazing person and your words resinate with me. All the best for your Camino in May – Buen Camino Sue!

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It’s always such an honour to be remembered and to have impacted someone’s life. Here’s a beautiful testimonial.

Hi Sue, I’m sure you don’t remember me! But I met you several years ago when you came a guest speaker to the Toronto Writers Centre (located at Yorkville at the time). My Camino You talked about your books ‘My Camino and Confession of a Pilgrim’.

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German Translation of Chapter 7 Stone by Stone from the book My Camino

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My Camino

Sue Kenney

Kapitel 7

Stein um Stein


Sue in Snow 2001

Oakville Welness eventGroup Walk May 2014

Sue at Ontario Writer’s Conference

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Ontario Writers Conference

I’m honoured to be a guest lecturer at this fabulous conference. I’ll tell the story of my journey and give tips about how to pitch a screenplay, successfully.

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The Sorrow Stone Story

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The Sorrow Stone Story is one of Sue’s signature tales that has been shared with audiences all over the world in her keynotes and storytelling. Here is an adaptation from Chapter 7 in the book My Camino. This story was made into a short film for the launch of Sue’s second book, Confessions of a Pilgrim. Watch here.

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Sue’s Second Book

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If you liked My Camino, the continuing saga of the Camino experience is told in my second book, Confessions of a Pilgrim. I went back to the Camino to walk the Portuguese Route. Prior to leaving a Native friend had a dream about me where she was told to provide me a sacred Eagle Feather that I was to give to someone on my way. The spiritual journey continues….

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St. Jordi’s Catalan Book Festival in Toronto features author Sue Kenney

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Once upon a time, there was a town terrified by a dragon. The beast demanded a maiden per weekto eat, and one day, it was the  princess’ turn to beoffered to the dragon. The young knight Jordi heard aboutthe princess’ fate and decided to save her. He fiercelyfought  the dragon and while the creature fell mortally wounded somethingamazing happened: from the blood on the floor a beautiful redrose grew. Jordi picked the flower and gave it to the princess as a sign of his love, and they livedhappily ever after.

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My Camino Testimonial

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Dear Sue,
I was introduced to the Camino by my friend and trainer, Matthew Wivell, and I completed it in 2011. Matthew had always encouraged me to read your books. I finally took the time to read it and could not believe the similarities we share and I could not put it down. I felt I was reading something I wrote. It was amazing. When I told Matthew this, he said why do think I continued to tell you to read it. Anyway, I am now reading your Confessions of a Pilgrim. Thank you for writing these and I am starting to write my own Camino book, however slow I am but at least I started. Thanks for the inspiration however I don’t think I will ever walk barefoot. Buen Camino!

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Beautiful words from someone who was really moved by the story of the Sorrow Stones…

Hi Sue,
Thank you for sharing the Sorrow Stone story on video. It was wonderful to see some of the people and locations you have told me about and that are in your books and CDs.

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