Camino Coach and Guide

Yearning for more purpose in life? Walk back to the true authentic person that you are. 

One-on-One Coaching

Writing Coach. Sue has coached several authors on the journey to write  their own story as a non-fiction book.Some people never walk the Camino but they are pilgrims in life. Life Coach.  Learn how to simplify your life so that you can focus on what’s important.  Sue Kenney guides people on their life journey to re-create that which is truly desired and uses the idea of a pilgrimage as a metaphor for a life journey with purpose. 

This is a time of transformation filled with the energy of love. Some of us walk pilgrimages to gain, others mediate, some write, all in search for the journey inward and the happiness that comes with it. Whatever we choose, it is perfect. Sue Kenney has been sharing stories and leading people on their spiritual journey through guided walks on the Camino, business and personal coaching for over 10 years. Her coaching program has been successful in inspiring people to be more focused, gain clarity about their intentions, manifest what they truly desire, witness the story they are living, create new outcomes, set goals and then acheive them. The coaching program is done on the phone with 1 hour calls weekly at a specified time. It is recommended that you commit to a minimum of 3 months to be able to experience a marked success. Contact Sue at for a FREE 1/2 Coaching Call.

Walk the Camino Pilgrimage Retreat with Sue

Is the Camino calling you? People from all over the world are meeting on this incredible path to share experiences, an adventure and a potentially life changing opportunity. You don’t have to plan anything, it’s all done for you! Your Camino Coach is Sue Kenney, best-selling author of the book My Camino. Special Offer: A FREE half hour phone call to talk about what the Camino pilgrimage could offer to your life. Contact Sue at to book or call her directly 705 8264641. 

Are you ready to go on an adventure in your life?

Watch a Camino Documentary and see where the journey takes you! Watch a clip of a feature length documentary film Las Peregrinas to see how 5 women, who walk the same route as our group journey, experience their Camino.

About Sue Kenney Sue is a world class keynote speaker and expert pilgrim who has walked the Camino many times. Her first journey in 2001 was from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, the English Route, the Portuguese Route and has walked to Finisterra and Muxia.  She has led 16 groups, and has directed a documentary film about the Camino called Las Peregrinas and has written 2 books. She is renowned for her work as a storyteller, speaker, author, coach and workshop facilitator who uses the Camino as a metaphor for a life journey. Her best-selling book My Camino is development as a feature film and she co-wrote the screenplay. Her second book walking the Portuguese route is called Confessions of a Pilgrim. Sue has been recognized in Spain as someone who has had an effect on the increase of pilgrims from North America who are walking the Camino.  Sue is a Level 2 Rowing Coach, a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, a trained reflexologist and she has been a life coach for 12 yearsShe is the inventor/designer of a new style of barefoot footwear called Barebottom Shoes that was pitched to the hit CBC TV show Dragons’ Den.


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