Kilimanjaro Barefoot

Posted January 27, 2016 | by Sue Kenney | in Barefoot | no responses Often people can't understand why I would choose to run or walk barefoot through the forest or in the snow and there isn't always a simple answer. Mostly it's because I like to be connected to the Great Mother Earth and I'm not afraid to expose my feet to the elements because I trust they are designed to take care of me. Even after reading studies and scientific evidence, in the end what is most important for me is that it makes sense. Watch this documentary film, Kilimanjaro Barefoot, about how these trekkers perpared for walking in the snow. This is an excellent doc that takes your through their journey. In the end it was about dispelling common beliefs, slowing down and being more aware of the environment. Why don't you try it? Take your socks and shoes off and go outside in your bare feet. If nothing else, it will make you smile. Happy Barefooting, Sue Designer/Founder Barebottom Shoes

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