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Thank you for this blog post Max Zografos, from the bottom of my feet!

My Bottoms Never Looked so Great

March 19, 2014
Before we get to my bottoms - just a quick aside about this blog. Many of you asked why I’m not posting as often. Have I quit writing, what’s going on? I haven't quit writing, in fact I write more than ever. I've been fortunate enough to work on a long-term project with some amazing people and am focusing my creative juices on that. Some exciting things are on the horizon. But I will adjourn the silence today because I need to talk about something that holds the potential to disrupt an entire industry in the coming years. Nope, it’s not internet or telecom related. Rather it has to do with footwear. Footwear is experiencing a transformation, the scope of which is not obvious to most of us.
Bare-foot on the left. Shoe-foot on the right (source: wikipedia)
Bare-foot on the left. Shoe-foot on the right (source: wikipedia)
For decades, sneaker manufacturers were stacking layer upon layer of plastic under our feet. As it turns outall this cushioning was at best useless, and at worst unhealthy.
Read the rest of Max Zografos blog post about Barebottoms Vegan/Neoprene to be launched in the spring.

Special Offer from Barebottom Shoes

Watch a video about Barefoot Snowshoeing in Barebottoms!

Sample Barebottoms Neoprene Feedback Offer

The Barebottoms Vegan/Neoprene barefoot shoes are still in the development stage. All shoes are presently hand made by Sue Kenney, the designer and part-time cobbler. If you would like to try a pair, we are looking for people to wear-test them and provide feedback. You can order a pair of prototype shoes below and they will be mailed to you through Canada Post. The cost for the sample shoes are $20.00 plus tax and shipping. You can also order accessory straps for the shoes for $4.00 and they will come in the colour of the shoes you have requested.
The shoes are made of neoprene and come in 3 sizes.
Small (Ladies shoe 5-9.5)
Medium (Ladies shoe 9.5-12/Mens 7.5-10)
Large (Mens 10.5-13)
Colours: All shoes are reversible, with black on one side
Purple/Black,Gray/Black, Red/Black, Royal Blue/Black
Matching straps are available for $4.00 a pair and are 32" long. They come in the same colour as the shoe colour ordered.
IMG_2172[1] IMG_2158[1] IMG_2163[1]IMG_2179[1]

Order Here

Barebottom Shoes Neoprene Sample Model
After we receive your order, we will be sending you a feedback form and would be grateful if you could fill it out and return it to the address provided. If you'd like to blog or provide a testimimonial about  Barebottom shoes, please contact us at Thank you for being one of the first to wear Barebottoms Neoprene. Offer ends April 15, 2014. Official Launch Date for Barebottoms Neoprene is June 21, 2014.

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