Why I Love The Idea Of BareBottom Shoes, The Real Barefoot Shoe

Posted April 9, 2015 | by Sue Kenney | in Barebottom Shoes | no responses Blogger...It's all About Feet wrote this great article on her experience going barefoot and how Barebottoms helped her overcome her fears. Why I Love The Idea Of BareBottom Shoes, The Real Barefoot Shoe It has to be said that ever since I was very young, I've always loved the idea of being barefoot. Now I'm not just talking about slipping off my socks while in the house watching TV here, I mean really being barefoot - As in leaving the socks off, shoes at home, and getting out and about and living my daily life in bare feet. Problem is though, going barefoot was just never the done thing around here and I always imagined that I would get some pretty nasty stares and some very negative comments if I were to actually do what I desperately wanted to do. Therefore, I've spent the past 31 years with my feet in socks and shoes and just never had the courage to be barefoot in public. However that may be about to change as I've just discovered the development of BareBottoms, the Bare Bottom shoes! Read More Begin living in barefeet. Order Barebottom Shoes here. IMG_0802

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