10 Tips for Being a Pilgrim in Life

Posted January 9, 2015 | by Sue Kenney | in Blog | 12 responses A pilgrim is someone on a journey with a destination in mind. Whether you are on the Camino pilgrimage route in Spain or on your Camino in life at home, each of these tips are adaptable. What would you add?
  1. Pack lightly: give away what you don't absolutely need.
  2. Breathe: deeply and consciously.
  3. Eat greens: support local farmers.
  4. Walk in the forest: bath in nature and the wisdom of Mother Earth.
  5. Go barefoot sometimes: be more aware of your environment.
  6. Be compassionate: share what you have.
  7. Face your fears: what you resist, will persist.
  8. Laugh out loud: see the humor in every situation.
  9. Offer gratitude: be thankful for life's gifts.
  10. Be love: vibrate in the energy of the divine.
Camino 2001 072 Simple words from pilgrim and Camino guide Sue Kenney. Next Group Camino is May 2015. Walk 225kms over 11 days as a simple pilgrim. Spaces are limited. mycaminobook@gmail.com


  1. Helen Burns says:

    Leave /let go your mobile phone and any/all other ‘devices’ behind. Let life speak instead.

    • Helen Burns says:

      These little devices in our hands are just too tempting – tho’ if you are leading a group Sue I can understand the need for carrying a phone, given your duty of care. But if this responsibility is not there for a pilgrim I’d really encourage taking a dedicated camera and that’s that.

      Wayne’s comment below about not needing to plan everything I think goes hand in hand with mine. The whole point of a pilgrimage (for me anyway)is to free myself from the world at home as well as social media, the habits and attachments … and let the path breathe fresh new life into my heart, head, bones.

      In Spain particularly (at least when I walked in 2004) you could not book a bed in advance in any refugio. I’m a compulsive planner yet I loved this. It meant a sort of surrender. It was liberating too. And I always lived to lace up my boots the next day.

      • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

        Helen, thanks for writing and sharing your experience. I think we all walk the Camino our own way and for this group it works really well for me to have a cell phone. And it takes amazing pics! The first time I walked the Camino I did not plan anything and it was truly a life changing experience. What I have learned after taking 10 groups, is that not everyone is like me. Many do not want to experience this and that is fine with me. Who am I to judge what is right and what is wrong. 🙂 Today you can book albergues and our package is done through a Camino travel agency. It is liberating to surrender to letting me take care of all the details for my pilgrims so they can focus on their journey. There are many ways to walk The Way! Again I appreciate your insight. Thanks for sharing.

  2. christi Harkness says:

    I am obsessed. Reading every word and studying routes and maps. I plan to do this journey alone, fall this year.

  3. Wayne Emde says:

    Don’t try to plan everything. Leave yourself open to the surprises that are certain to arise. You want each day to be new.

  4. Annie says:

    Where are you doing yours and how many miles?

  5. Sue, practicing these principles while walking the Camino came so naturally. Your reminder to practice them in every situation comes at the perfect time.

  6. Christine Davies says:

    I walked the Camino in 2011 and it was the best thing I have ever done. This year I decided to live the Camino and the lessons it taught me. This month is gratitude and I feel a shift already. If everyone lived the lessons of the Camino, the earth would be a totally different place to inhabit.

    • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

      Christine, so nice to hear from you. The Camino is the kind of journey that can change the world…I agree. It is a place of peace and compassion. So nice to hear you are living it each day. I offer Camino Coaching in life if you ever want to consider my services, I love working with pilgrims! Suseya!

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