Barefoot Healing Day at the Hive Centre

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Meditation, Yoga & Barefoot Living. Oh My!

Treat yourself!

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the natural environment with a line-up of classes and workshops designed to enhance your health and well-being. Stay for all three classes and workshops and enjoy a special Day-Retreat rate including lunch! Take a bite or dive in. You choose. Either way, get ready for total bliss!!! Learn more.
Start the morning with a blissful Frequency Meditation followed by a dynamic Kundalini Yoga class, a delicious Vegetarian Lunch and an interactive Barefoot Living workshop lead by the renowned Sue Kenney. All for only $89. Click for more information.
Happening This Weekend!
Unable to attend all three events? Choose to join one or two of the scheduled activities. Take a look at each event for more information.
Barefoot Healing with Sue Kenney
Imagine approaching anti-aging through the soles of your feet? During this engaging, interactive workshop learn how barefooting can impact your health, balance, strength, flexibility, movement and ultimately longevity. Saturday, April 30th is World Barefoot Day! Join us at 1pm!
Frequency Meditation with Kevin Craddock
Everything that exists within our universe is in constant motion. Even our thoughts and feelings have their own vibrations. In their purest forms they are energy, they are frequency. Join Kevin Craddock this Saturday at 10:00am for a Frequency Meditation using a 528Hz pure tone wrapped in a natural Soundscape - a frequency that embodies the universal expression of creation. Often referred to as the "LOVE frequency", 528Hz is a "miracle tone" which can generate remarkable changes. Register for Frequency Meditation
Kundalini Yoga with Angela Baldwin
“The history of Kundalini is very interesting. It dates back approximately 5000 years old and was taught behind closed doors to individuals who were invited into the secret society…”Learn more about Kundalini Yoga in this fascinating blog by Angela Baldwin. Join Angela this Saturday at 11:00am for a series of amazing and transformational Kundalini Yoga classes. Register for Kundalini Yoga
This Spring, attend a workshop at The Hive Centre and enjoy a 15% discount at The Hive Bee & Bee when you stay the night or longer. Contact us.

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