Barefoot Workshop in Orillia May 5

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Barefoot Healing

~ A workshop with Sue Kenney ~

Tomorrow at Balanced Body Studio in Orillia 17 Colbourne St E Suite 204-206 Did you know that Oprah likes to go barefoot? Oprah Barefoot                     One of the happiest memories I have as a child is going barefoot on the beach. Just thinking of it brings a smile to my face.Summer is coming. Let's get ready for it.  Join this workshop and the healing powers of being BAREFOOT. Not only will you improve your posture, balance and flexibility, learn about how you can help your body heal itself. It’s called EARTHING or grounding. The great Mother provides us with free electrons that our body needs to contribute to a natural healing process. Wearing shoes had cut us off from this incredible gift. You can integrate this forgotten component of a holistic approach to everyday life. It’s organic and it’s right under our feet!

Come join a morning workshop with Sue at BBS to learn about Barefoot healing:

Sunday May 5, 2013.

10:30 am – 1:00 pm (Doors open at 10am)

$45 in advance/ $50 at the door

Pay by cheque, Paypal  or Internet banking (

Contact Sue Kenney at: 705-826-4641

Sue’s Bio:

Sue Kenney is a storyteller and the author of the best selling book, My Camino. As a pilgrim, she has  walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain 8 times covering over 4000 km’s. Sue began her barefoot journey in July 2011, wearing minimalist footwear. One month later she kicked off her shoes and she’s been researching and studying the physical, spiritual and healing of being barefoot ever since. Today Sue can be seen walking/ running barefoot even in the snow. She will be leading a group on the Camino again in May 2013  and plans to walk it barefoot. Sue had invented and designed a pair of soleless shoes that are perfect for yoga, pilates, or barefoot on the beach. They are called Barebottom Shoes. Sue pitched her business idea to the Dragons Den for a possible Fall Broadcast.

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