Barefooting Workshop September 27 – Barrie

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Barefoot Healing Workshop

September 27, 2014. 9am-noon. with Sue Kenney Watch Rogers Daytime on Wednesday September 24 at 11am, 4pm and 11pm to see Sue talking about the healing benefits of barefooting in the home, the studio and outdoors. 

Join this workshop and discover the healing powers of going BAREFOOT. Not only will you improve your posture, balance and flexibility, you can help your body to heal itself. You have 7000 sensory nerve endings on the bottom of each foot and their job is to help your body adapt all the systems to the environment you are in. Through the studies done on Earthing or grounding, we have learned that we connect with negatively charged electrons in the earth. They are the most powerful antioxidants known and neutralize free radicals to contribute to a natural healing process . Wearing shoes with rubber soles has cut us off from this incredible gift the earth has to offer. It involves more than just taking off your shoes.
Learn about nature's healing and how you can integrate this forgotten component of a holistic approach to everyday life. 
With Sue Kenney author of My Camino who pitched an idea for Barebottom Shoes that was seen on Dragons' Den, the hit CBC TV show.

Workshop  September 27th, 2014  9am to noon at  7168 10th Line Essa L0L 2N0
Investment $45.00 plus HST= $50.85

You may purchase a copy of the book Earthing by Clinton Ober. Value $19.00
Sue will also have her  Barebottom™ shoes  and her book My Camino for sale. Sign up at Cherry Valley Retreats.

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