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The Only Soleless Shoe...

Great for Yoga!

Barebottom Shoes ™ are soleless footwear designed by Sue Kenney, a Camino pilgrim who walks and runs barefoot, because there wasn't anything on the market to meet her needs. They allow for a barefoot lifestyle in a shoe with a minimalist look. This is footwear for people who care enough about healing and a return to a connection with Mother Earth in a barefoot shoe that can be worn anywhere. Sue will be pitching her idea to the Dragons Den on April 10, 2013 for a Fall broadcast if she makes the cut.

Barebottom-Shoes In the natural health related market, a concern about their environment, is paramount. Barebottom Shoes are called a shoe but the difference is, they don't have soles! Cut with a renaissance look that is stylish, hand-made in leather, comfy and even a little sexy. Try them at your yoga class, Zumba or Nia sessions, wellness centre and even at the gym, then wear them home. It feelsl like you are wearing nothing at all. Sue's intent was to introduce more people to simplifying their footwear to allow the feet to get stronger and do what they were meant to do. We have almost as many sensory nerves on the bottom of our feet as we do in our spine. The function of these nerves its to know what the terrain is, the temperature, humidity and much more so that signals are triggered to the brain and the systems in the body to adjust things like our cardiovascular system, our nervous system and balancing the body. Wearing these shoes helps us to tap into our individual healing system and being barefoot helps strengthen the foundation of our body, our feet. For the serious barefooters, many retail stores have a policy "no shoes, no shirt, no service". If you wear Barebottom Shoes, there's a good chance they won't ask you to leave because they will think you are wearing regular shoes. IMAG0288 In the 70's the Nike's of the world convinced us we should wear shoes with lots of arch support, cushioning. and padding. Today 10 % of athletes are suffering from an injury that is likely related to the shoes they wear. Nike and their competitors have changed their designs and engineered a minimalist shoe. Vibram came out with Five Fingers and other competitors followed, such as Zems. These shoes are an excellent option to get used to the idea of being barefoot. The sole is thin (about 2mm) and shaped like a barefoot. There is very little support so the foot, ankle, leg and even the core body is forced to be strengthened. If you've ever worn them, they add immense value in rough terrain, long distances and unfavourable weather conditions. Eventually though, many just want to take their shoes and feel the ground. The natural progression for these people is to experience barefoot, at least some of the time. Studies show that once people shift to a minimalist shoe, they never go back. If you decide to start going barefoot, please start slowly and work up to longer periods of time shodless. Begin walking 10 minutes a day and add a minute each day. There are some great books on Barefooting: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, and Barefoot Running Step by Step by Ken Bob Saxton. Although these book are all about running, most of the information can be applied to walking . Be the first to have a pair!

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  1. David Love-Williams says:

    Hi ,

    Is there anywhere in the UK that sells barebottom shoes ? or is there anyway to purchase barebottom shoes from within the UK ?

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    Trying to place an order
    Would love a pair
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