2016 Spring Group Camino Booking Now

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Live simply for 11 days as a pilgrim on the

Camino de Santiago. safe_image

225 kilometers. 11 days. Be a pilgrim.

May 15-27, 2016.

Walk. Talk. Eat. Meet people from all over the world. Each day is a new experience. You will follow in the footsteps of pilgrims before you on paths that take you through mystical forests, beside rivers and streams, up a mountain, through small Spanish villages and more. This pilgrimage retreat has been designed for individuals who are interested in embarking on a walking journey of self-discovery and adventure. You’ll slow your life down to 4 kilometers an hour and carry everything you need on your back, while living the simple life of a pilgrim. This allows for more time to be in the present moment, reset your intentions, get clarity about your life and have fun.Email mycaminobook@gmail.com for a full package with all the details. Once you decide to embark on this journey, your pilgrimage begins. IMG_3302


  1. Helga Sweet says:

    10% off of what??

  2. Bev Todd says:


    May be interested for 2016 what is an approximate price per person

    • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

      Bev, thanks for writing. Would welcome you to join our group. The full package is $2495.00 plus applicable taxes but does not include flight, most food and a few other things. I will send you a package to your email. Buen Camino! Sue

    • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

      Bev, sorry I seemed to have missed your message. Did you ever walk the Camino? Would you like more info about our May 2016 group?

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    "Someone who walks on a journey with a destination in mind. I believe we are all pilgrims, each on our own path to find the way." -Sue Kenney

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