The Barebottoms™ Story

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2013 Cell pics 018Here it is... The creative team at Barebottoms want to share the story with you, our readers, customers, fans and our friends, about the journey to pitching a business concept to the hit TV show Dragons' Den to manufacture and sell sole-less shoes. We'd love to hear your stories too.

The Barebottoms Story

March 6/7, 2014

Thursday February 21, 2013 she nervously drives to Trent University in Peterborough, arriving early in her Barebottoms Shoes she is the 5th person to pitch. CHEX TV follow her into the pitch to cover her story. The producers are intrigued but she must wait to hear if she will be chosen to pitch to the Dragons. The Peterborough Examiner writes about her story.  February 2013 - Excited about her invention and although she hasn't sold one pair or even told anyone about her idea, Sue prepares for her audition for Dragons' Den. She will pitch a business concept with only 4 days to prepare! 

March 4/5, 2014

Monday February 18, 2013. In the morning, Sue makes a custom pair of red Barebottom shoes for herself out of a re-purposed leather Danier skirt she bought at a second hand store. That afternoon she starts researching the market for barefoot shoes. Tuesday February 19 Sue does more research about the market potential and begins writing a business case and getting ideas for her pitch. Research shows 20 million people practice yoga in their bare feet. More here.

March 2/3, 2014

Just over a year ago, Sue submits the application for the Dragons' Den audition in Peterborough, Ontario online with a goal to get financing and the expertise of the Dragons to help her build her business.  February 2013 On Sunday February 17 Sue sees an ad for Dragons' Den auditions on TV and decides to pitch 4 days later. 

February 28, March 1, 2014

January 2013 –Frustrated with being asked to leave restaurants and establishment so she gets and old leather cot and begins designing a type of sole-less footwear to cover the top of her foot. Her intention is to wear them in public to appear as though she was wearing shoes. Beats that ‘No shirt, no shoes, no service’ policy. Read how it started in the 1960's.

February 26/27, 2014IMAG0076

  May 2013 The annual trek to Spain on the Camino took place with a group led by Sue.  For 225 kilometers she wore her boots for some of it and for the first time wore Zem minimalist shoes. She tried going barefoot too. This time, her feet were stronger, more flexible and all the barefooting had improved her posture.IMAG0272

February 24/25, 2014

December 2012 Sue notices a significant change in her body from barefooting. Increased balance, improved posture, more flexibility and strong ankles, feet and legsShe reads Phil Maffetone's blog about the increase in falls in elderly people because of shoes   IMG_2857

February 22/23, 2014

  October 2012 Sue runs her first 8 mile/13 kilometer trail run in Warkworth Ontario completely barefoot. Finishes in 1 hour and 42 mins. . September 2011 After being barefoot for one year and Sue compelled to tell others about the profound health benefits she experienced through her workshop Barefoot Healing first held at Balanced Body Studio in Orillia, with many more to follow. Next Barefoot Healing workshop is June 15, 2014 at Cherry Hill Retreat. 

February 20/21, 2014.

August 2011 London Times Newspaper reporter Ian Gillespie puts the boots to the notion of barefoot healing critisizing Sue's ideas. December 2011 The Barefoot Society is a great way to share ideas and information about barefoot living and Sue signs up to learn more.

February 18/19, 2014.

May 2011 Sue led a group on the Camino and walked 225 kilometers in boots and Zem minimalist shoes. Barefooting had made her feet stronger, more flexible and improved her posture. IMAG1002 March 2011 8 months of barefooting. The snow melted and now it was possible to walk on exposed ground again.  Sue noticed her lifetime allergies to animals and ongoing asthma virtually disappeared because of reduced inflammation in her body through Earthing. Watch a video.   

Sue's feet around scallop shell

February 16/17, 2014.DSC00142

March 2011 The snow melted and Sue Kenney was walking on exposed ground again.  She noticed her lifetime allergies to animals and ongoing asthma virtually disappeared because of reduced inflammation in her body through Earthing.  January  2011 After reading Born to Run, Sue Kenney was convinced she was born to be a barefooter. She had discovered the joy of barefoot trail running. Watch the Nature of Things.

February 14/15, 2014.IMG_2038

In October 2010 it got colder but that didn't stop Sue from being barefoot. In the forest she explored stepping in cold water, mud and snow sometimes in minimalist shoes, more often barefoot.  November 2010 Sue's feet and body easily adapted to the changing temperatures and terrain as the thousands of sensory nerve endings on the bottom of her feet were stimulated by bio-feedback. Read more from the Barefoot Doctor.

February 12/13, 2014.

Around August 2010, designer Sue Kenney began walking barefoot and within weeks she was walking in the forest on trails. Reading the book Earthing confirmed her desire to stay connected with Mother Earth for healing.Sue's Feet in the Forest A book called Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee became the preferred resource for starting a barefoot lifestyle in both walking and running. 

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