Mi Camino book Launch at Fairway Santiago international pilgrim forum

Posted October 21, 2015 | by Sue Kenney | in Barebottom Shoes | no responses Mi Camino front coverBest-selling Camino pilgrim releases Spanish translation of her book. It was after Sue Kenney was suddenly downsized from her telecom career when she decided to walk 800 kilometres, alone in the winter of 2001. The true story of her journey is captured in the book Mi Camino. The English version has been credited with inspiring people all over the world to embark on this journey.   Santiago, Spain – September 30, 2015 –Canadian author Sue Kenney has walked the Camino de Santiago 14 times and had led 10 groups. Her great love of Spain is evident with the announcement thatshe has had her book translated into Spanish. The idea to translate the book came because a university student Ismael Pérez Justavino from David, Panama,contacted Sue to get permission to translate her book for his degree in English with an emphasis in translation. Using his work as a base, the final overall Spanish translation and story editor the book was completed by Spanish native Alberto Agraso, who co-author of Walking for Peace. His love for the Camino and commitment to Sue’s story is evident in the translation.   The launch is timely because it is happening at the first ever international Camino forum called Fairway Santiago that runs from October 15-18, 2015. Sue will be a speaker, workshop facilitator and you can meet her at the Mi Camino booth in the Market area of the conference. Following her presentation during Panel Afterway at 11:40am, the premiere launch of Mi Camino will take place at Sue Kenney’s booth on October 16 at 12:00 noon Book Signing in the Fairway Market at Cidade da Cultura de Santiago de Compostela. More information on the event can be found at www.fairwaysantigo.com   Sue has accomplished several creative projects related to the Camino that include writing a second book about her walk on the Portuguese route called Confessions of a Pilgrim. She also directed a feature length documentary film, Las Peregrinas, about 6 women who walked the Camino and has also audio recorded her book My Camino.   “If you have a chance, read Sue Kenney’s book titled My Camino.  Sue is based in Toronto and her book was the only one so far that we know of that was mentioned in an article that appeared in the Spanish regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia,  together with Martin Sheen’s movie The Way as one of the reasons that made the Camino became so popular with American Peregrinos these days.“ John Lee, Creative Travel, Vancouver, Canada   Sue is an internationally acclaimed Speaker, Camino Coach, Filmmaker  and best-selling Author. Her first book My Camino is in development as a feature film by Academy Award nominated production company,  Item 7 (War Witch/Brooklyn). Because of a strong desire to share the experience with others, Sue also co-produced and directed a feature length documentary called Las Peregrinaswhich was screened internationally. In her role as a Camino Coach Sue teaches others how to prepare physically for the Camino,she offers workshops and webinars about  what to pack and inspires pilgrims to integrate  the Camino into life back home by applying the virtues of being a simple pilgrim as a metaphor for a life journey with purpose. For the last 10 years she has been guiding groups on the Camino. As a pilgrim, Sue has walked over 5000 kilometers on various routes of the Camino and trails in Canada and the USA. She is also the designer of the first ever sole-less footwear for barefooting called BarebottomShoes.Today you will often find her walking the Camino barefoot. For more information about Mi Camino, please visit www.suekenney.ca or contact MonyDojeiji at 01 613 7931633 monydojeiji@hotmail.com

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