YES we are walking again in September 2015!

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My Camino Pilgrimage Retreat 

2014-06-01-1239-Camino de Santiago-Ti Cacabello street scene Are you ready to take the first step back on a journey of a lifetime and have fun too? CredentialsWalk 225 kilometers. 11 days. As a simple pilgrim. Receive the coveted Compostela certificate. Watch a short clip on the Camino here. You will be inspired, engaged and integrated into the Spanish culture, walking through the ancient villages, eating food from the local family farms and sharing the path with other pilgrims and even cows and sheep! Reconnect with yourself, walk to clear your thoughts, engage in conversation with people of like minds from all over the world and ignite the fire within you to journey with passion. You are not obligated to walk as a group and in fact encouraged to take the opportunity to be alone with yourself at times. We walk in the rain and in the sun to experience nature at its best. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories is also an important element of this retreat.449912196069 One of the unique benefits of this experience is the spiritual coaching and support you’ll receive from Sue Kenney to help prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually for this mystical journey back to your authentic self. As part of the full package, you’ll prepare yourself to open possibilities, develop skills, increase creativity and practice mindfulness: the balance between activity and surrender. There will be five group conference calls set up prior to leaving and one call after you return home from the Camino. During these calls you will be given information about what to pack, clothing and equipment recommendations, and helpful tips for the journey.  The main elements of the pilgrimage route will be planned for you covering details such as: itinerary description (the overall journey and projected daily routes); accommodation will be booked and upgrade options offered (for additional costs) when available; practical information; cultural and historical information; and more. The Camino will unfold as it should and one should approach this journey with an open mind. Sue will be available throughout the day on the journey for coaching, guidance and leadership. Sue will carry a cell phone for emergency purposes. You will have unlimited email and phone support provided by Sue Kenney, to address any questions or concerns you have throughout the planning stages and when you return.Group Camino Pics May 2010 start 242 Sue puts an emphasis on developing a personal training program that is tailored to your needs to prepare you to walk on average 20 kilometers a day. It is expected that most pilgrims will carry their own weight (approx 15lbs) however there are options available to transfer your backpack if needed. And if for any reason you cannot walk because of an injury or illness, transport can be arranged too. The Camino is not about being in perfect athletic shape but rather having the will to do it.Group Camino 2011 754 Accommodation is booked for each day. We arrange for different variety of types of accommodation so that you have a variety of pilgrim experiences. At times we are in semi-private rooms in hotels, some typical stone albergues with bunk beds and several people to a room, and other typical local pensions with smaller rooms with single beds. Each is unique. You can request private accommodation. (Additional charge will be applied). You will be responsible to book your travel although we work with a travel agent who is familiar with the Camino. For more details contact for a registration package. Standard Group Package $2495.00 plus taxes. We welcome you to walk with us on this incredible ancient pilgrimage route across the north of Spain and be a part of our group journey. Buen Camino, Sue 705 8264641 Pilgrims' desert. Flan

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