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Women at their Best

Nottawasaga Inn

April 30, 2013 - More details to follow.

A Journey Back to Yourself

with Sue Kenney

What is holding you back from being your greatest gift to the world? After being suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom position, Sue Kenney made the decision to walk 780 kilomters on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino to gain some clarity about what to do with her life. Wearing a heavy backpack loaded with all her personal belongings she is forced to lighten her load by letting go of what isn't serving her. With each step she took forward she walked back to herself and discovered how to physically and metaphorically simplify her journey by choosing to leave the excess baggage behind. With the grace of a humble pilgrim, Sue takes us on her personal journey of self-discovering and imparts the lessons about how to apply the virtues of being a  modern day pilgrim, to create what we truly desire in life. Watch a 5 minute video about 6 women who walk the Camino.
Key Messages Leadership begins within. How to be your greatest gift to the world. . Applying the virtues of being a pilgrim to simplify your life and clarify your direction.   Sue Kenney Bio
After being downsized from her telecom career Sue's life changed when she walked 800 kilometers on the Camino, a medieval pilgrimage route in Spain. She recreated herself and is now an internationally acclaimed speaker, coach and Canadian best-selling author. Along with award winning writer Bruce Pirrie, of Second City fame, Sue has co-written the screenplay adaptation of her first book My Camino, which is in development as a feature film by 2013 Academy Award Nominated producer Item 7 (War Witch). She Directed a feature length documentary called Las Peregrinas and has produced two short films. Blended with her athletic discipline as a competitive world-class Master’s rower and her passion to share stories, Sue offers a unique perspective to personal creativity by applying the virtues of being a simple pilgrim on the Camino, as a metaphor for a life journey with purpose. Sue has walked over 5000 kilometers and now goes barefoot. She guides groups on the Camino. She is presently working on her third book. www.suekenney.ca

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  • What is a Pilgrim?

    "Someone who walks on a journey with a destination in mind. I believe we are all pilgrims, each on our own path to find the way." -Sue Kenney

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    "I've finished your book some weeks ago and I'd like to tell you that I liked so much. When reading it I had the feeling that it was written from the heart, in a very sincere way.... " - Migue, Barcelona, Spain

    "For all of us square pegs who never really seemed to fit the round hole (and still don't)...you offer hope! Thank you dearly for coming to the park and sharing your gift. I will never look at a rock that looks out of place the same way! " - Doug McColl

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