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My Camino Pilgrimage Retreat

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I have just returned from walking the Camino with a group covering 225 kms over 11 days of walking. I learned that many people now have the Camino on their bucket list. It is something they want to do at some point in their life. Having walked with 10 groups and several times by myself, I can only say it is a very noble thing to do and takes some degree of courage. That is why I offer group conference calls and personal coaching with my Camino retreats. I prepare people for the journey ahead. We talk about what it is to be a pilgrim, to simplify life and be more aware of what is important. If you want to walk this incredible path in Spain, but you do not want to figure everything our on your own, this is the perfect solution. We do it all for you and you do not have to carry your backpack, if you do not want to, either. Read on to find out what our package is all about! Sue Kenney wears Barebottom Shoes on the Camino. She has a new version with a demi-sole that covers the ball of the foot with leather for some protection. They will be available for pre-order November 2015. Read Sue's Barefoot on the Camino Blog Posts here!

Are you ready to walk?

Spring: May 15-27, 2016. Fall September 11-23, 2016.

2014-05-20-0130-Camino de Santiago-2-M Are you looking for a travel experience that will contribute to your personal journey in life? The Camino is something to consider. It is a medieval pilgrimage route in Spain that pilgrims have been walking for over 1000 years. Everyone, of all denominations, backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. Women and men. All ages.
This journey is for people who want to walk and discover more about Northern Spain, meet people from all over the world, and have the chance to spend time just for themselves, walking.
For the Spring 2016 journey, we will walk 225 kms over 11 days. The accommodation is booked for you and you will stay in private pilgrim albergues, pensions or hotels. There will be 4 conference calls to share information and answer questions before we leave and 1 conference call when we return. Your backpack can be shipped to the next stop so you only have to carry a day pack if you choose. And you will be guided and coached by expert pilgrim and author of the best-selling book My Camino, Sue Kenney, who has led 11 groups on the Camino.
We’ll step into the footsteps of millions of pilgrims who have walked this path before you and follow the Camino Frances route of the medieval pilgrimage path known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in the north of Spain. Las Peregrinas documentary film. You can watch a clip of a feature length documentary film Las Peregrinas to see how 5 women, who walk the same route as our group journey, experience their Camino. Space is limited to 10 people so book early. For a Registration Package call Sue at 705 8264641 or email kenneysue@gmail.com.

Camino Girls

Coaching Program

One of the unique benefits of this experience is the coaching and support you’ll receive from Sue Kenney before, during and after the Camino, to help prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually for this mystical journey. There will be two group conference calls set up prior to leaving and one call after you return home from the Camino.  During these calls you will be given information about what to pack, clothing and equipment recommendations, and helpful tips for the journey.The main elements of the pilgrimage route will be planned for you covering details such as: itinerary description (the overall journey and projected daily routes); accommodation will be booked and upgrade options offered when available; practical information; and more.  449912196069

About Sue Kenney

Sue is a world renowned speaker and expert pilgrim who has walked the route from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago twice, the English Route, the Portuguese Route and has walked to Finnisterre and Muxia.  She has led 10 groups, and has directed a documentary film about the Camino called Las Peregrinas. Sue has written 2 books and is renowned for her work as a storyteller, speaker, author, coach and workshop facilitator who uses the Camino as a metaphor for a life journey. Her best-selling book My Camino is development as a feature film and she co-wrote the screenplay. Her second book walking the Portuguese route is called Confessions of a Pilgrim. She walks every day, mostly barefoot now. Sue has been recognized in Spain as someone who has had an effect on the increase of pilgrims from North America who are walking the Camino.  Sue is a Level 2 Rowing Coach, a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, a trained reflexologist and she has been a life coach for 10 yearsShe is the inventor/designer of a new style of barefoot footwear called Barebottom Shoes that was pitched to the hit CBC TV show Dragons' Den in January 2014. For a FREE half hour phone call to find out more about the Camino or a registration package with complete details: Contact Sue at kenneysue@gmail.com or call 705 8264641.   


  1. Darren says:

    I plan to go in JAN, do you have any tour in JAN

    • Sue Kenney Sue Kenney says:

      Hi Darren. January is a very special time on the Camino since it is winter. I walked in 2001 in the winter and we had snow. I don’t have a group walking then but I am happy to be your Camino Coach and help you to get prepared to walk, what to take, how to manage your time and distance, getting your accommodation booked and more. I’ll email you directly. Buen Camino! Sue

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