Why not Walk the Camino in September?

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Walk the Camino with Sue Kenney!

Is the Camino calling you? People from all over the world are meeting on this incredible path to share experiences, an adventure and a potentially life changing opportunity. You don't have to plan anything, it's all done for you!   Book by June 15, 2016 SPECIAL *$500.00 off 11 Day Walk or **$300.00 off 6 Day Walk FEES. Your Camino Coach is Sue Kenney, best-selling author of the book My Camino. Special Offer: A FREE half hour phone call to talk about what the Camino pilgrimage could offer to your life. Contact Sue at kenneysue@gmail.com to book or call her directly 705 8264641.  REFER a FRIEND who books a journey and get $150.00 off your FEES! This spiritual pilgrimage has been designed for individuals who are interested in embarking on a walking journey of self-discovery and adventure. You’ll slow your life down to 4 kilometers an hour while living the simple life of a pilgrim. This allows for more time to look inward, if you so desire. Join expert pilgrim Sue Kenney as your Camino guide and coach and step into the footsteps of millions of pilgrims who have walked this path before you. We’ll follow the Camino Frances route of the medieval pilgrimage path known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in the north of Spain. Women and men of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Walk the Camino Pilgrimage Retreat Program Are you ready to take the first step? It doesn’t matter how far you walk on the Camino, it’s more about going on a journey that calls you. The Camino is like a portal for creativity and it’s believed that we can manifest more intensely on this mystical path. Reconnect with yourself, walk to clear your thoughts, engage in conversation with people of like minds from all over the world and ignite the fire within you to live with passion. You will be inspired, engaged and integrated into the Spanish culture, walking through the ancient villages, eating food from the local family farms and sharing the path with other pilgrims and, cows and sheep. You are not obligated to walk as a group and in fact encouraged to take the opportunity to be alone with yourself at times. We walk in the rain and in the sun to experience nature at its best. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories is also an important element of this retreat. We will walk on average 20 kilometers a day through beautiful landscapes, undulating terrain and we will spend time walking in the mountains and forests. At each stop, the accommodation is booked for you and in private pilgrim albergues, rural pensions or hotels in double, triple accommodations. Fall Retreat Dates September 10-21, 2016. 200 kms. 10 Days/12 Nights *$3495.00 September 3-10, 2016. 100 kms. 6 Days/8 Nights **$2495.00 Book by June 15, 2016 SPECIAL *$500.00 off 11 Day Walk or **$300.00 off 6 Day Walk FEES.

BOOK NOW by emailing mycaminobook@gmail.com for an Application Form or to set up a 1/2 hour Camino Call with Sue Kenney.

The 200 kilometer group will meet in Ponferrada, Spain on September 10 and begin walking on September 11, 2016 from Cacabelos. We will meet in the city of the famous Knights Templar Castle. There is an evening workshop after dinner the day we arrive. Sue will review the plans for the Camino journey, you will set your personal goals and gain insight into being a pilgrim. The 100 kilometer group will meet in Sarria on September 15 and begin walking the next day. Sue will walk with the group the first 3 days to teach and guide you how to follow the markings along the way and make sure everyone in the group is comfortable with the daily walking program. There may be other days when Sue will walk with the group, but each night she meet the group at the end of the walking day at our destination. This will give you the opportunity to be more independent and walk your own journey. You will always have contact with Sue by cell phone or text. One of the best times of the day is when we gather over dinner and share stories and insights from our personal journey. Each evening we will review the plans for the next day so you always know what is happening. On the last day, we can all walk into Santiago as a group and then we will go to the Pilgrims Office to receive the coveted Compostela Certificate. That evening you are invited as Sue’s guest to a final pilgrim’s dinner in Santiago. On the following day, there is a pilgrim Mass and most people attend, regardless of their religious beliefs.  There is always a chance we could see the Botafumeiro swing at the Cathedral. (huge silver incense holder as seen in the documentary Las Peregrinas.) Walk the Camino Group Camino Package Includes: Camino Coach and Guide Sue Kenney 10 Week Walking Training Program Camino Walk Itinerary 4 Group Pre-Camino Conference Calls to be scheduled for 1 hour each 1 Group Post-Camino Conference Call to be scheduled Daily Backpack Service to next destination 8 days/7 nights or 12 days/13 nights – Includes one night accommodation in Santiago with a buffet breakfast. Additional nights can be pre-booked for an additional charge. Accommodation – A variety of Double/Triple/Albergue bunkbeds. In some cases we will have a private room with more than 3 bunkbeds. Pilgrim Group Dinner in Santiago Some Breakfasts are included Emergency contact numbers Camino Guide Book Canadian Company of Pilgrims Registration, Credential and Crest Optional: We can recommend a Travel Concierge Service to use to book your flights and ground transportation to Ponferrada and then home from Santiago, Spain. Depending on where the people in the group are flying from, some may fly together from Toronto. Note: Each person is responsible for paying for their own flight/ground transportation/travel/food/medical costs/equipment and miscellaneous expenses. We will endeavour to help you make your journey as easy as possible. Estimated travel expenses that you are responsible for are: $1200.00 (Return flight from Toronto, Canada to Madrid,, a flight from Santiago back to Madrid, and ground transportation to Ponferrada.) Estimated food expenses: $40.00 per day. You can customize your journey to arrive early or extend your stay in Europe, book tours and more. Those arrangements can be made with the travel agency you choose to work with. We can recommend an excellent agency in Canada who will make all the plans for you. FEES: Walk the Camino September 10-21, 2016. 200 kms. 10 Days/12 Nights $3495.00 September 3-10, 2016. 100 kms. 6 Days/8 Nights $2495.00 Book by June 15, 2016 SPECIAL *$500.00 off 11 Day Walk or **$300.00 off 6 Day Walk FEES.

BOOK NOW by emailing mycaminobook@gmail.com for an Application Form or to set up a 1/2 hour Camino Call with Sue Kenney.

Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. *Plus taxes where applicable. Watch a Camino Documentary and see where the journey takes you! Watch a clip of a feature length documentary film Las Peregrinas to see how 5 women, who walk the same route as our group journey, experience their Camino. http://www.amazon.com/Las-Peregrinas-Women-Who-Walk/dp/B003JYU9X2 Optional One on One Coaching Program One of the unique benefits of this experience is the coaching and support you’ll receive from Sue Kenney before, during and after the Camino, to help prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually for this mystical journey. There will be 4 group conference calls set up prior to leaving and one call after you return home from the Camino. These calls are included in you package. If you would like personal One on One Coaching with Sue before, during or after the Camino, you can book them now.  Sue can work with you on your personal intentions, goals and plans for the Camino. You will get her personal undivided attention on private calls. These calls can be customized based on your needs and desires. About Sue Kenney Sue is a world class keynote speaker and expert pilgrim who has walked the Camino many times. Her first journey in 2001 was from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, the English Route, the Portuguese Route and has walked to Finisterra and Muxia.  She has led 12 groups, and has directed a documentary film about the Camino called Las Peregrinas and has written 2 books. She is renowned for her work as a storyteller, speaker, author, coach and workshop facilitator who uses the Camino as a metaphor for a life journey. Her best-selling book My Camino is development as a feature film and she co-wrote the screenplay. Her second book walking the Portuguese route is called Confessions of a Pilgrim. Sue has been recognized in Spain as someone who has had an effect on the increase of pilgrims from North America who are walking the Camino.  Sue is a Level 2 Rowing Coach, a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, a trained reflexologist and she has been a life coach for 12 yearsShe is the inventor/designer of a new style of barefoot footwear called Barebottom Shoes that was pitched to the hit CBC TV show Dragons’ Den. Special Offer: A FREE half hour phone call to talk about what the Camino pilgrimage could offer to your life. Contact Sue at kenneysue@gmail.com or call her directly 705 8264641.       

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