Muskoka Novel Marathon

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Barefoot Walk for Creativity

Once again writers unite. This weekend is the Muskoka Novel Marathon, an event that promotes and raises money for literacy. I participated in 2004 and 2005, in both cases with Bruce Pirrie. We co-wrote 2 different manuscripts and raised money for this cause as well. In 2006 we went back with a crew to shoot a film about the event called FlipBook with aIMG_2217 group of talented artists who created a film to share this cause with the world. FlipBook is an animated short about the Muskoka Novel Marathon, a Stone by Stone Production supported by Bravo!Fact. The creative idea was conceived by Bruce Pirrie and Sue Kenney, Directed by Bruce and produced by Sue. It was shot on over 12000 digital photographs by Darren Lum, and assembled/edited by Vanessa Shaver and Matthew Krist. Support Literacy! Here's Barefooter Kevin Craig's review of Flipbook. Barefoot Walk for Creativity It;s been proven over and over again that there is a co-relationship between walking and creativity. Most artists walk daily or whenever they want clarity or inspiration. Beethoven was once commissioned by three Austrian businessmen to compose music. Instead of paying him for the composition, they paid him to walk each morning from sunrise to noon until the piece was finishes. Each year I go back to the marathon and lead the writers on a Walk for Creativity to raise awareness. My goal is to one day to build a foundation that pays artists to walk called Vision One Walk. The last couple of years I've encouraged the writers to go BAREFOOT and they love it even more! Everyone is welcome to join us at 10:30-11:00am Sunday July 13, 2014 on a Barefoot Walk for Creativity.
Please visit for more information or to make a donation. Funds raised support programs at YMCA Literacy Services in Huntsville, Ontario. The Muskoka Novel Marathon is a fundraiser in support of Adult Literacy initiatives in Huntsville, Ontario. But more than that, it's an opportunity for writers to come together in a supportive environment and spend an entire, (mostly) uninterrupted weekend writing. Friends are made, stories are shared, and the occasional midnight desk chair race breaks up the late-night silence.Muskoka Novel Marathon 2013
Since 2001, YMCA Literacy Services (formerly the Muskoka Literacy Council) has been the beneficiary of more than $65,000 in pledges raised by our ever-growing band of writers. Changes have been made over the years as the event has grown, but the consistent thread has remained – writers helping readers.
Barefooting and Barebottom Shoes
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