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Posted October 21, 2015 | by Sue Kenney | in Blog | no responses New Offering!mycamino After walking the Camino 15 times and leading 11 groups, I have seen a lot. Today, because there are so many international pilgrims walking the Camino, the problems have multiplied. Also, with so many companies offering group tours, they don't have the time to offer personal training to each participant. And, there is now so much information available, it's difficult to determine what is the best solutions. It needs to be sorted and offered at one point of contact. The most common concerns about pilgrims are:
  • They have not trained to walk 20-30 kms a day
  • They often carry a heavy backpack that is improperly packed
  • They don't have the right boots/shoes/sandals/socks for their feet
  • Don’t know basic skills for hiking long distances day after day
  • Are not sure of how to prevent blisters/injuries or how to treat them
  • There are more "older" pilgrims and their bodies recover more slowly
  • They want to have a personal or spritual experience that changes their life!
2012-05-30 15.48.47       Our Solution: MY CAMINO COACHING PROGRAM An on-line membership based Webinar My Camino Coaching Program with discourses and video recordings, pictures and audio with experts recommended by expert pilgrim Sue Kenney. It is an offering available on line, where people can sign up for a basuc subscription fee to give them access to download the information that will help them prepare  to walk the Camino. This is a program to PREVENT injuries, discomfort and blisters so that you can have the best Camino experience possible. What it includes: On line Downloadable Webinars, pictures, audio and video about each topic. 1.Prepare to Walk: 8 week Training Program to learn to walk 20-30 kms a day 2.What’s in your backpack? What to pack, how to pack and how to carry a backpack. 3.What kind of footwear do you need for the Camino? Tips for buying shoes/boots/sandals/minimalist and socks. 4.Avoiding blisters and injuries. Learn how important it is to keep your feet dry and how to do this. We will address how you will know when you are getting a blister (to help avoid it) and what to do if you get them. We will cover basic foot care on the Camino as well. 5.Embarking on a Spiritual Journey. We will offer insights and a program to follow to help you to manifest what you truly desire in your life. The Camino is a metaphor for a life journey with purpose. How can you best use the time on the Camino walking to your destination, with an intent in mind? We will help guide you through this process. 6. The journey back home is often one of the most difficult parts of the Camino. In this webinar, you'll gain insight and we will offer ideas about how to integrate the Camino into your life back home. 7.Common Q&A We expect My Camino Coaching program to be launched in early 2016. If you are a travel agency who is taking groups you will want to offer this service to your clients to prepare them for this often life-changing journey. Or you are going on a personal journey alone or with friends and you'd like to be prepared, the My Camino Coaching program is perfect for you. Please join our mailing list for updates or contact Sue Kenney personally at 705 8264641 or to receive personal updates. We want you to have the best journey ever! Buen Camino de la vida. Sue Kenney

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