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Posted October 21, 2015 | by Sue Kenney | in Blog | no responses IMG_9759On October 5th, I started My Camino Group Pilgrimage Retreat with a group of 6 pilgrims. We arrive in Samos and spent some time at the 6th Century Monastery there and the next day we travelled to Sarria to begin. We walked the last 115 kilometers to Santiago, Spain as our destination. They say you don't walk the Camino, the Camino walks you. One of our pilgrims missed her flight and was delayed one day. Then her backpack was lost and didn't arrive for 5 days. Fortunately she had all she needed in her day pack and the other pilgrims in the group shared what they had too. It all seemed to work out ok. The first 2 days it rained all day and then the sun came out. We had very good weather and walked slightly less than 20 kilometers a day.IMG_9608 Another pilgrim in our group made 150 rosaries to give away along the Camino. She gave many to the monk in Samos who was honoured to have them. He blessed each one and gave them away that night during mass. A few days later, the pilgrim who made the rosaries met some pilgrims who were still wearing them around their neck since they received them. Each day I picked up stones for people who had requested I carry their intentions along the way. It was a great honour to walk along the Camino path with their stones and then set them down along the way. IMG_9763 My next Camino is in May 2016 and I am looking forward to guiding more pilgrims. With this group, I have decided that it would be beneficial for the pilgrims to have my guidance for the first couple of days and then let the pilgrims walk alone. I will be there at the Albergue to meet them when they arrive to offer assistance and guidance. At the end, we will all walk into Santiago together and go to the pilgrims office to get the coveted Compostela! It is such a remarkable journey. Today it is becoming quite busy so it is important to have the accomodation booked for you and an expert pilgrim guide. For more information and a registration package please contact Sue Kenney at mycaminobook@gmail.com or call 705 8264641!mycamino Buen Camino de la vida! Sue

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