Sarah Slean in Barebottoms on Mariposa Folk Festival Main Stage

Posted July 8, 2014 | by Sue Kenney | in Barefoot | no responses On Friday night, the Juno and Gemini award-winning singer/composer/song writer Sarah Slean stepped out on the main stage in a gorgeous white dress and teal blue Barebottom Shoes. She drew attention to her dress calling it a "Jetson's Dress" and then I heard the words from the back of the audience. Sarah pointed out her Barebottom Shoes! She said wearing them made her feel like a forest nymph. Then she suggested the audience go to my booth and buy a pair. What an incredible testimonial! Crowds visited us throughout the weekend and lots of people tried on the shoes and bought too.DSCN2653 DSCN2663 DSCN2657 There were children as young as 5 years of age, men and women, teens, elderly and people from all backgrounds. Most wore the shoes and walked around the festival in their bare-soles. Some wanted to wear them to yoga, to the gym, on their SUP, in the backyard and around the house. One lady came back on Saturday and announced that they were so comfortable that she had gone to bed forgetting to take them off! We had people walking around on the grass with a big smile on their face as they experienced the Great Mother Earth under their feet. Barebottoms wrap around the foot and give the feeling that you are being 'hugged'. There is a sense of security and comfort felt because you are wearing a 'shoe'. Then when the foot touches the ground, a sensory experience takes place. Because we are not expecting it (we still think we are wearing a shoe!) There is an instant release of emotion, often joy. One little 6 year old girl tried on the shoes and as soon as she stood up she raised her arms and said, "Wow. I feel so free!" Imagine feeling a sense of freedom at the age of 6 and being able to identify it. The number one question people asked me is, "Why would you wear them? Why not just go barefoot?" Because we live in a world that doesn't respect people who walk around barefoot. They are judged in many different ways and often people are even offended by it. When I first started going barefoot I kept getting asked to leave stores and restaurants and found it embarrassing so I designed footwear that looks like a shoe but doesn't have a sole. That way I have the freedom to wear my bare feet! Barebottoms give us permission to go barefoot. It provides a level of confidence to get started. What's important is to allocate some time each day to the practice of barefooting. Maybe it's only indoors at first, then in your backyard and eventually out to a friend's place. The point is to eventually get your feet on the ground, grass, rock or water to connect with the Great Mother Earth. There are minerals and electrons in the earth that our body uses. You can improve strength in your body and be more balanced by going barefoot. It's natural and free. Read more about how barefooting makes you more efficient. Learn about Earthing. Practical Barefooting Webinar

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