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Posted January 20, 2014 | by Sue Kenney | in Barefoot | no responses
Good Day Sue,
"It takes courage to grow up and become who you are" and my dear friend Sue Regan Kenney creator of Barebottom Shoes personifies this quote! A women who is not afraid to live her dream no matter how other people perceive her..Tonight she stands in front of The Dragon's on CBC to pitch not only a new product, but a new (old) way of living! So please join me in supporting Sue by watching tonight 8PM EST
Enjoy today's Inspirations,
In Love,
Shayne Traviss
Founder of
Today's Inspirations...
We often wonder what our lives would be like without meditation or mindfulness. We were talking with our partner, neuroscientist and yogi Brian Jones, about this recently who said, "With all the mass overstimulation and continuously heightened levels of stress it's easy to see why we're all going crazy. The modern world demands so much of our attention that we forget who we truly are in our deepest sense."...»
You are a genius but probably don't know it. Each of is born with a specific gift that exists nowhere else in all of creation. In ancient Rome, it was well understood that everyone had his or her own genius, a spirit whose sole purpose is to inspire our lives and guide us to our destiny. But we have forgotten this wisdom....»
The idea of someone coming to a new appreciation of life after having a close brush with death has become a cliché. That's probably partly because the idea has been central to the story lines of popular movies and books. And also because it's easy to understand how thinking we are near death, but then escaping death's grip, could make us appreciate life more than ever before. ...»
    Richard Moss discusses How to Find Harmony in Yourself, Relationships and The World
VividLife Radio's Kristen White speaks with health and spiritual development expert Richard Moss about his latest book, Inside- Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence. This inspiring book presents powerful principles, tools, and practices for transforming self-limiting patterns of thought and behaviors and for staying present even in the midst of life's most challenging times. Drawing from individual counseling sessions and utilizing practical exercises, Dr. Moss demonstrates how awareness and presence can be applied to support healing and growth in yourself and others....»

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