You Don’t Have to Wear Khaki’s to be a Pilgrim

Posted November 13, 2013 | by Sue Kenney | in Blog | no responses

Pilglrim Attire

This morning my newsletter Inspirational Moments went out and I talked about how we don't have to wear pilgrim clothes to dinner at night after walking the Camino. I found a designer Suzanne Wyman of Yes World Boutique who has created a gorgeous dress/top that is perfect to wear after a long day of walking. For most pilgrimsthe most important part of the day is dinner.  It's a chance to share stories, break bread together and nourish our pilgrim bodies. I always suggest people wear something different, that doesn't look like the clothes they've been wearing in the day, rather something special. I refer to as "Camino Glowear!"global groove scuba dive blue I just got an email back from a lady I met at least 8 years ago and it reminded me that I might not know how I have impacted someones life by the way I showed up in the world as my truth. I can assure you that being authentic is something people never forget. Be you and you can never go wrong! Here's her quote: 'I love it it. My new mantra. "You do not have to wear khaki pants to be a Pilgrim." Love always, Gladys P.S. I met you many years ago when you were promoting your book at Chapters or Indigo in Burlington. It was a very difficult period for me but meeting you was very uplifting. Life is good and full of love.'  

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