Workshops are designed to meet your needs and can be customized. Let's talk and get the results you want. We can run workshops for 4 to 40 people. You can have a Home Party workshop. Get a bunch of friends together and let's work to make a shift in your life. Call Sue at 705 8264641. Prepare to Receive For those who feel called to make a change, to walk a new path, or to remind yourself of the path you are on, I'd like to invite you to a virtual teleconference workshop that can help make it easier.  Prepare to Receive. To receive wisdom, we must be prepared for it's arrival and make space for it. This workshop will focus on techniques and practices to elevate the possibility for you to receive and create what you truly desire.

Your Camino

Interactive workshop that builds on skills to be on a life journey each day. Do you want to be more disciplined about living with purpose and learn how to create intentions? Sue shares her insights through the simple act of ritual and discipline.

Pilgrim Leadership Virtues

Self-love on the other hand is more personal. What Sue teaches is an approach to being a Leader from a place of love. That doesn't mean you have to love everyone you work with, but rather, through being love, one's emotions, actions, thoughts and intentions can come from a place of conviction. This allows the individual to be true to their values, creating a sense of happiness and reducing fear. This in turn allows the individual speak/act from a place of truth.

Journey to the Soul: New spiritual life skills workshop with Sue Kenney

Are you prepared to make a commitment to creating the future you truly desire? Do you want to live your passion in life? Back by popular demand, Sue will be conducting a 2 ½ day intensive workshop that will take you on the journey of a pilgrim; as a metaphor for traveling your own life path. Sue will guide you to developing a plan to create the life you want to live through the discovery of the use of intentions, focus, passion and creativity. This is an interactive workshop that will also engage meditation, breath work, journalizing and walking as part of the learning process. By the end of the weekend, you will have developed effective rituals/new habit that can be integrated into your life.

Living without Judgment: A spiritual life skills workshop with Sue Kenney

In the movie The Secret they talk about the law of attraction and one’s ability to attract what you truly desire -- or not! --  through your thoughts. If this is so then when you are in a state of judgment, you are attracting what you are judging. In this workshop you’ll learn how to be aware of how one judges and how to be more open to creating opportunities you never dreamed could happen.

The Power of Intentions

It's interesting how business is becoming more open to this philosophy mostly because of great business leaders like Lance Sectarian. Sue presents a workshop under the umbrella name The Leadership Journey which focuses on Intentions vs Goals. Intentions are personal, part of the inner journey. Goals are external, part of the action required to have a result. One can't work without the other, but they require a very different approach.

The Power of Surrender

You cannot control everything that happens in your life, so save the stress, take a deep breath and learn about the power of ‘surrender’. With the grace of a humble pilgrim, Sue imparts the secrets of the power of surrender as a leadership quality and the impact of awareness in giving one choice about everyday personal or business decisions.

Creating Presence

This is a workshop Sue Kenney delivers focusing on teaching skills to increase awareness. When one is aware, there is always more choice resulting in better decisions. This establishes a strong base for more balance in all aspects of one's life. This workshop is a very successful workshop for both business and personal applications.

Creating Communication

Speak from a place of truth, and people will listen. Learn how to be the genuine person you are in any speaking environment, whether it's in front of a crowd of 200 people, or a one on one conversation. Sue teaches centering and breath work as fundamental skills. You will have the chance to have your presentation/speaking skills critiqued for effectiveness.

Planning to Win

Sue leverages the lessons learned and experiences encountered when she committed a dream to become a world class rower. She speaks from reality - Sue made the crew that ultimately won a gold medal at the FISA World Masters Rowing Championships. By re-framing concepts of teamwork in a crew situation and goal setting as it aligns to her vision of a gold medal, Sue shares real life experiences that metaphorically teach concepts for effective leadership. The process is the same whether you are training to win a race or accomplishing everyday business or personal goals.

How to Write Good!

Are you ready to write a book but aren't sure where to start? Are you looking for tips on how to write more creatively? Learn how improv techniques can be applied to writing creatively. Sue has teamed up with professional writer/editor Bruce Pirrie (of Second City fame) to offer a writer's workshop.

Don't forget we can customize Workshops!

Customized workshops can be designed to meet individual requirements. Contact Sue Kenney — kenneysue-at-gmail-dot-come — to arrange a uniquely designed workshop at your convenience!


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