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    The 12 Day Group will meet in Cacabellos, Spain (Near Ponferrada) on May 20, 2018, and start walking the next day for 10 days. We will arrive in Santiago on May 30, 2018. It’s best to fly into Madrid to arrive before noon and take a bus to Ponferrada. You can arrive a day early and enjoy the old city built around the Knights Templar Castle and then travel in the day by taxi to Cacabellos and meet up with the group. There is an evening workshop and Tapa Reception with Sue to review the plans for the Camino and the beginning of our journey. The next morning the group will begin walking from there.

  • Produced by Stone by Stone Productions, Directed by Sue Kenney, Written and Produced by Bruce Pirrie, Translation and Associate Producer Mony Dojiji and Alberto Agrassi. One of the first documentary films in North America on this subject and the first that focusses only on women and their journey. Regular $20.00 Sale $15.00 5 Women walk for 12 days on the Camino. Follow their journey of self-discovery along this ancient path that has been walked by millions. The film was screened to 2000 people, on 5 continents and raised $16,000 for charity during the 3 day launch in November 2007.