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Yearning for more purpose in life? Walk back to the true authentic person that you are. One-on-One Coaching

Writing Coach. Sue has coached several authors on the journey to write  their own story as a non-fiction book. Camino Coach. Whether you want to walk the Camino alone, with your own group or with one of Sue's Camino Groups, she offers spiritual guidance, training and coaching to help you to experience something magical to create more peace and happiness in your life. Next walk May 2016 - 225 kilometers and September 2016. Your accommodations will be booked and a backpack service is provided so you can focus on walking and your intentions for this journey. Read about My Camino Group Pilgrimage here.  Some people never walk the Camino but they are pilgrims in life. Life Coach.  Learn how to simplify your life so that you can focus on what's important.  Sue Kenney guides people on their life journey to re-create that which is truly desired and uses the idea of a pilgrimage as a metaphor for a life journey with purpose.  This is a time of transformation filled with the energy of love. Some of us walk pilgrimages to gain, others mediate, some write, all in search for the journey inward and the happiness that comes with it. Whatever we choose, it is perfect. Sue Kenney has been sharing stories and leading people on their spiritual journey through guided walks on the Camino, business and personal coaching for over 10 years. Her coaching program has been successful in inspiring people to be more focused, gain clarity about their intentions, manifest what they truly desire, witness the story they are living, create new outcomes, set goals and then acheive them. The coaching program is done on the phone with 1 hour calls weekly at a specified time. It is recommended that you commit to a minimum of 3 months to be able to experience a marked success.


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