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Fall Retreat Dates September 11-23, 2016. 225 kms. 11 Days/12 Nights September 3-10, 2016. 100 kms. 6 Days/7 Nights SPECIAL 10% OFF Fees if booked by May 31, 2016! Your Camino Coach is Sue Kenney, best-selling author of the book My Camino. Special Offer: A FREE half hour phone call to talk about what the Camino pilgrimage could offer to your life. Contact REFER a FRIEND who books a journey and get $150.00 off your FEES! Walk the Camino Pilgrimage Retreat Program Are you ready to take the first step? It doesn’t matter how far you walk on the Camino, it’s more about going on a journey that calls you. The Camino is like a portal for creativity and it’s believed that we can manifest more intensely on this mystical path. Reconnect with yourself, walk to clear your thoughts, engage in conversation with people of like minds from all over the world and ignite the fire within you to live with passion. You will be inspired, engaged and integrated into the Spanish culture, walking through the ancient villages, eating food from the local family farms and sharing the path with other pilgrims and, cows and sheep. You are not obligated to walk as a group and in fact encouraged to take the opportunity to be alone with yourself at times. We walk in the rain and in the sun to experience nature at its best. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories is also an important element of this retreat. We will walk on average 20 kilometers a day through beautiful landscapes, undulating terrain and we will spend time walking in the mountains and forests. At each stop, the accommodation is booked for you and in private pilgrim albergues, rural pensions or hotels in double, triple accommodations. Fall 2016 Retreat Dates September 3-10, 2016. 6 Days of walking to cover a total of 100 kilometers. September 11-23, 2016. 11 Days of walking to cover a total of 225 kilometers The group will meet in Ponferrada, Spain in the city of the famous Knights Templar Castle. There is an evening workshop after dinner the day we arrive. Sue will review the plans for the Camino journey, you will set your personal goals and gain insight into being a pilgrim. Sue will walk with the group the first 3 days to teach and guide you how to follow the markings along the way and make sure everyone in the group is comfortable with the daily walking program. There will be a total of 1 1/2 days (6 day walk) and 3 days (11 day walk) when you will walk on your own (or with people from the group) and Sue will meet the group at the end of the walking day at our destination. This will give you the opportunity to be more independent and walk your own journey. You will always have contact with Sue by cell phone or text. One of the best times of the day is when we gather over dinner and share stories and insights from our personal journey. Each evening we will review the plans for the next day so you always know what is happening. On the last day, we can all walk into Santiago as a group and then we will go to the Pilgrims Office to receive the coveted Compostela Certificate. That evening you are invited as Sue’s guest to a final pilgrim’s dinner in Santiago. On the following day, there is a pilgrim Mass and most people attend, regardless of their religious beliefs. There is always a chance we could see the Botafumeiro swing at the Cathedral. (huge silver incense holder as seen in the documentary Las Peregrinas.)


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