• Learning to barefoot with Sue Regan Kenney.
    You are being invited to return to nature. Feet are the foundation of our body. Our soles gift us with a direct connection to Earth’s infinite healing powers; but when we wear shoes, they cut us off and impede proper foot function. Sue shares her re-wilding journey back to her authentic self by connecting my bare feet to the ground. Learn how you can tap into the intelligence in the soles of your feet for optimum health, anti-aging, earthing, better posture and some child-like fun in your life. Be inspired to integrate a barefooting practice in your life. You’ll better understand the benefits of earthing, how to enable more efficient movement of your body, engage an approach to anti-aging and improved posture, and you’ll return to a more natural state; the perfect antidote to civilization.
  • My Camino Book

    $18.95 CAD
    Signed by the Author.
    This is a true story about the spiritual journey of a woman who confronts her deepest fear: facing the truth about what was her purpose in life. After being suddenly downsized, Sue walked 780 kms across the north of Spain, alone in the winter, on a life-altering journey of self-discovery. She tells stories about the people and experiences she met along the way and how they contributed to her desire to have a love affair with herself. You will read about the albergues without heat or hot water, villagers who make meals for pilgrims and protect them from danger, a story about a dog named Bernie and ultimately a love story.
    With each step she took forward, she walked back to herself to discover that everything she needed was within her. 
    My Camino is in development as a feature film with Item 7, Montreal, Canada.
    Also available in Spanish as Mi Camino.
  • My Camino in a wonderful 5 CD Set narrated by Sue Kenney.
  • Tras ver reducida su carrera en telecomunicaciones, Sue Kenney recorrió ochocientos kilómetros a pie, sola en pleno invierno, en el Camino de Santiago. Durante veintinueve días, se embarcó en una transformadora odisea que le otorgó muchos regalos y revelaciones. Esta historia narra el viaje espiritual de una mujer a través de sus miedos más profundos, en busca del verdadero propósito de su vida. Sue ha escrito un segundo libro, Confesiones de un peregrino, y dirigido un documental de larga duración, Las Peregrinas. Durante los últimos diez años ha estado guiando a grupos de peregrinos en el Camino, a menudo descalza o con sus zapatillas sin suelas de diseño propio conocidas como Barebottom Shoes.  
  • Confessions of a Pilgrim more deeply explores the terrain of Sue  first book, My Camino.  She returns to the celebrated ancient pilgrimage path to walk 500 kilometers alone on the Portuguese Route. Prior to leaving, she is entrusted with a sacred Eagle Feather by a Native friend. Her mission, a result of a vivid dream, is to find a worthy recipient before returning home.
  • Produced by Stone by Stone Productions, Directed by Sue Kenney, Written and Produced by Bruce Pirrie, Translation and Associate Producer Mony Dojiji and Alberto Agrassi. One of the first documentary films in North America on this subject and the first that focusses only on women and their journey. Regular $20.00 Sale $15.00 5 Women walk for 12 days on the Camino. Follow their journey of self-discovery along this ancient path that has been walked by millions. The film was screened to 2000 people, on 5 continents and raised $16,000 for charity during the 3 day launch in November 2007.

  • Pilgrim

    6 Day Walk - $2995.00 - Next Walk May 2018 Is the Camino calling you? Join our next group walk and complete the required 100 kilometers to receive the coveted Compostela certificate of completion.  

    10 Day Walk - $3995.00 -Next Walk May 2018. Walk over 200 kilometers and step into the footsteps of the pilgrims before you. Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?

  • Walk the Camino Pilgrimage Retreat - FALL 2017

    6 Day Walk - 8 Nights      October 21 - 28, 2017


    This isn't like other Camino walking tours. We  you on an experience of a lifetime through rural Spain. You will not only be coached by Sue Kenney, you have the chance to walk with Sue on the Camino. We will stay in a varity of rural casas and pensions off the path. Sue is an expert pilgrim who has written 2 books, produced a documentary and she has guided 16 groups on the Camino.

    My Camino Book

    Walk the Camino Group Retreat May 2017.

    Are you ready to take the first step? It doesn’t matter how far you walk on the Camino, it’s more about going on a journey that calls you. The Camino is like a portal for creativity and it’s believed that we can manifest more intensely on this mystical path. Reconnect with yourself, walk to clear your thoughts, engage in conversation with people of like minds from all over the world and ignite the fire within you to live with passion. You will be inspired, engaged and integrated into the Spanish culture, walking through the ancient villages, eating food from the local family farms and sharing the path with other pilgrims and, cows and sheep. You are not obligated to walk as a group and in fact encouraged to take the opportunity to be alone with yourself at times. We walk in the rain and in the sun to experience nature at its best. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories is also an important element of this retreat.

    We will walk on average 20 kilometers a day through beautiful landscapes, undulating terrain and we will spend time walking in the mountains and forests. At each stop, the accommodation is booked for you and in private pilgrim albergues, and rural pensions/casas. *Plus appliable Taxes. Prices in CAD. Contact Sue for a Free 30 minute Camino Call. 705 8264641
  • Track Listing
    1. Prelude to a Journey
    2. Early Lessons
    3. Art of Self Love
    4. Bernie: A Legendary Dog of the Camino
    5. Stone by Stone
    6. Pilgrim's Blessing
    7. My Miracle on Cebreiro
    8. Camino Ends as the Journey Begins