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IMG_2720[1]"Just a short note to thank you for your great presentation on Sunday for the Lions. I have just reviewed the surveys and the comments about your presentation are: “did not want to attend, but found it life changing”; “a fresh, informative speaker”; “very good”;   “valuable life info”;  “excellent” (4x);  “would like to give it a ‘10’ if it was on the scale!”;  “fascinating stories”; “a ‘key to life’ message”;  “WOW!”;  “very enjoyable” (3x); “she was intense about her journey which was wonderful”;  “… the message came out loud and clear”;  “good stuff”  These comments pretty well say how the Lions felt. Thanks again for helping to make our Learning Weekend such a success!!!" Dave Durant “Sue, I have attended many motivational speaker sessions over the last 15 years and felt yours was one of my favorites …. ranking up there with Jim Rohn and Mark Victor Hansen. You delivered a moving, inspirational, heart inspired story of conquering life’s fears and living life to its absolute fullest. You painted word pictures so vividly that I could see myself following in the amazing steps of your journey with the same passion you delivered your talk with. Outstanding!” D'Arcie Rogers Executive Financial Consultant Investors Group Financial Services, Calgary “Hello Sue, I just wanted to mention that I saw you on Breakfast Television last week and you made a tremendous impact using your sorrow stones story. Congratulations on all of your success! I would appreciate if you would forward a promotional package to me in regard to your seminars which I will provide to our corporate events coordinator with a strong endorsement!” Joyce Paron President, EXIT Reality Corp International, Toronto "Often we are prevented from producing to our full potential because of our fears. Sue Kenney faced many fears in her own life, and was able to overcome them. She is an inspiration and a guide for others." G. Philip Fisher, Advocis School, Banff My Camino takes us step by step, and stone by stone, along a modern day pilgrim's search for purpose on an ancient road. Heartfelt and authentic,  My Camino gives us the courage to get off the treadmill of contemporary life and experience the creative and spiritual release of simple walking. Anita Shuper, Toronto I appreciate your effort, enthusiam and tenacity to keep moving this Camino and shifting it and shaping it to affect many in its versatile ways. Thanks you for your fearlessness to express and put "your Camino" out there. its intriguing how it keeps growing and expanding." Sarah Rainbow Heart, Drake Hotel event, Toronto You have inspired me to shift some sort of internal paradigm, which I am unable to articulate at this time. All I would like to say is, I enjoyed your book, your movie and your One Woman Show in London. You are a strong and powerful woman of integrity and depth, and I am happy to have met you. Candace Lawrence, Kings College University I truly love the film and after the screening, my group had extensive talks on it...it's moving, thought provoking - something we need in today's increasingly disconnected and frantic world. Joey Gill, Hi Concept Productions, Toronto I just heard you on the CBC and was compelled to go to your website. I've read "the Pilgrimage" by Paolo Coelho and was completely taken by his journey, the same one you have made yourself.  It was fortuitous that I heard you on the radio as I don't usually go out for lunch but had some errands to run. My dial is always tuned to the CBC and you happened to be one of the callers that I listened to. As I've come to understand there is no such thing as a coincidence so I thank you for inspiring me to visit your website - I will certainly purchase your book and just maybe make that walk some time soon. Thank you Lucy Riolino, Administrative Assistant Security, Casino Niagara Sue, Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation yesterday for our Lifescapes group. Your presentation, as usual, was amazing. I can always visualize everything that you are talking about. You have such a talent for storytelling. And like I said yesterday, I cannot wait for your next book, and your next and your next………Take care for now, and thanks again Sue. I appreciate your support more than I can put into words. Jayne Turvey, Program Director, Orillia Library Dear Sue...no matter how much we plan, no matter how much we prepare and organize, there is no guarantee, on any occasion, that things will run smoothly. BUT every once in awhile, everything falls into place magnificently! Tonight was one of those times. Thank you so much. I believe our group was ready for a guest and you fit the bill perfectly. I was very proud of you, your diplomacy, your sensitivity and your humble openness. Take care, Sandra Keen, Remax   Thanks Sue: I was just talking to some of our graduating students yesterday and they let me know how much they enjoyed your talk. It also came up at a dinner I had last night and several of us thought about what a great experience it would be. So your words, as well as your actions, continue to resonate in our school. Thanks for sharing your stories. Best wishes, Peter Sturrup Headmaster, Pickering College Hello Sue: I heard you speak at the Leadership Roundtable Alumni Session at the City of Hamilton. You were fabulous! I have recommended that we tap into your great skill in speaking and would like you to return to the City of Hamilton and speak/present to the Strategic Services Division within the Public Health and Community Services Department. This would be something we would like to incorporate into a meeting with the theme of wellness. Your stories & amazing slides of your trip through Spain and your rowing experiences are definitely linked to the theme and it would be great to inspire our group. Liz Sisolak Employee Wellness Coordinator, Human Resources Public Health and Community Services Department City of Hamilton Hello Sue, I just wanted to mention that I saw you on Breakfast Television last week and you made a tremendous impact using your sorrow stones story. Congratulations on all of your success!   Sue Kenney is an ex-Bell employee who left Bell to pursue and amazing, life changing journey. Sue’s inspirational style is completely motivating and captivating, you won’t be disappointed!!!! Lori Lennox, Bell Canada You were absolutely delightful this morning! And, yes, very inspiring! Thanks ~ Namasté, Lisa-Catherine Writers and Editors Network of Toronto Dear Sue I really enjoyed your visit to our Writer's Guild tonight. You are doing (or have done) several things that I hope to do, so your talk was both informative and inspirational. As I sat there listening to you (and nodding my head in agreement), I heard you verbalizing things that I had taken for granted in my travels. Doug Wright, Pickering Sue, I bought your DVD (Las Peregrinas), book (My Camino), and CD tonight after hearing your stotry, and am really looking forward to immersing myself in them. I almost talked myself out of going at all, so I'm happy that I didn't. You have inspired me to continue to move forward, literally and figuratively. If you lead future pilgrimages, I want to be considered for a spot. I know I'm much braver than I often feel. It's in me. Anyway, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the time you spent with us tonight. I believe the Universe brought you into my life for a purpose. Momentary or otherwise, thank-you. Linda Borland-Fitzgerald p.s. I've been holding my stone, and feeling it's energy. Tomorrow I will walk with it. I have a great deal of sorrow to release. Barrie  

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What was your reaction to this workshop? Positive! Made me think of difficult thoughts and ideas which I hadn't thought of before. Excited and inspired! Good workshop. I have done a lot of reading on this kind of material, but never had a presenter forum-it helped me further understand. Fantastic! Most relevant topic Affirmations and goals. Breathe-more often! Being aware of the here and now-the present. Actions speak-make it happen. Creating intentions-knowing we have a choice in everything we do. Working in the present to see the bigger picture. Comments Great to pack in all that information into a short (1/2 day) session. Interesting. Wonderful reminder to get back to the centre and move from there. It takes discipline and repetition to be able to see the big picture. Sometimes we need to be provoked to dig deeper and search harder for answers.  

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    "Someone who walks on a journey with a destination in mind. I believe we are all pilgrims, each on our own path to find the way." -Sue Kenney

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    "I've finished your book some weeks ago and I'd like to tell you that I liked so much. When reading it I had the feeling that it was written from the heart, in a very sincere way.... " - Migue, Barcelona, Spain

    "For all of us square pegs who never really seemed to fit the round hole (and still don't)...you offer hope! Thank you dearly for coming to the park and sharing your gift. I will never look at a rock that looks out of place the same way! " - Doug McColl

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