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After being suddenly downsized, Sue walked 780 kms across the north of spain on a life-altering journey. Canadian Best-Selling Book in development as a feature film.

Sue continues to guide pilgrims on the Camino with a group leaving May 2016 . Join our group and you will be coached and guided to walk for 11 days covering 225kms. Space is limited. Book by December 31st, 2015 for 10% off.

If ordered on this webpage, books are personally signed by author Sue Kenney.

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My Camino

My Camino

Book written by Sue Kenney. Audiobook recorded by Sue Kenney, Produced by Lori Langford Hirst and recorded at Joah Carvalho Studio, Toronto. This is a true story about the spiritual journey of a woman who confronts her deepest fear. It unfolds with the grace of a humble pilgrim walking alone for 29 days on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain. Read or listen (5 CD set) to the stories about the people she met on her first Camino, the experiences she had and the insights she discovered about life. The book is in development as a feature film by Academy Award Nominated (Rebelle) Item 7 Productions in Montreal. Edited by Bruce Pirrie of Second City fame.

Las Peregrinas Documentary Film - 2006

ProdLas Peregrinas coveruced by Stone by Stone Productions, Directed by Sue Kenney, Written and Produced by Bruce Pirrie, Translation and Associate Producer Mony Dojiji and Alberto Agrassi. One of the first documentary films in North America on this subject and the first that focusses only on women and their journey. Regular $20.00 Sale $15.00 5 Women walk for 12 days on the Camino. Follow their journey of self-discovery along this ancient path that has been walked by millions. The film was screened to 2000 people, on 5 continents and raised $16,000 for charity during the 3 day launch in November 2007.

Confessions of a Pilgrim - 2007

Confessions of a Pilgrim

By Sue Kenney, Edited by Bruce Pirrie Confessions of a Pilgrim more deeply explores the terrain of Sue  first book, My Camino.  She returns to the celebrated ancient pilgrimage path to walk 500 kilometers alone on the Portuguese Route. Prior to leaving, she is entrusted with a sacred Eagle Feather by a Native friend. Her mission, a result of a vivid dream, is to find a worthy recipient before returning home. Click here for more information on the book Confessions of a Pilgrim Order this book on Amazon

Watch an interview with Author Sue Kenney and editor Bruce Pirrie.

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  • What is a Pilgrim?

    "Someone who walks on a journey with a destination in mind. I believe we are all pilgrims, each on our own path to find the way." -Sue Kenney

  • Testimonials

    "I've finished your book some weeks ago and I'd like to tell you that I liked so much. When reading it I had the feeling that it was written from the heart, in a very sincere way.... " - Migue, Barcelona, Spain

    "For all of us square pegs who never really seemed to fit the round hole (and still don't) offer hope! Thank you dearly for coming to the park and sharing your gift. I will never look at a rock that looks out of place the same way! " - Doug McColl

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