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A Canadian best-selling book by Sue Kenney

My Camino   My Camino is the true story about the spiritual journey of a woman who confronts her deepest fear. It unfolds, so well told with the grace of a humble pilgrim. The atmosphere will engage every reader with humour, yet provide incredible intensity. Anecdotes of people and experiences she met on her Camino, become metaphors of real life. Sue now walks the Camino barefoot or in her Barebottom Shoes. This Canadian bestselling book is in development as a feature film my Oscar nominated producer Item 7 in Montreal. Sue co-wrote the screenplay adaptation of the book along with award winning writer Bruce Pirrie.

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My Camino
Free Chapter from My Camino  

My Camino Audiobook - 5 CD set Unabridged

Written and Narrated by Sue Kenney

Our Celtic ancestors used the oral story-telling tradition to pass along their history, values and culture from
one generation to the next. This recorded version of My Camino was created with this intent.


"Hi Sue, I first saw you on Breakfast TV in January. When I heard you mention 'Camino', I took a moment to see what you had to say. A few years ago, I had read The Camino by Shirley Maclean & something stirred inside. A few weeks passed by, something stirred again and I decided to try and find you on the Internet. I found your web site & enjoyably browsed every inch of it. Something was (is) pulling at my heart strings. I read about the Eagle Feather - I cried! Learning that you did not start rowing until you were 40, and competed & won a Gold medal has inspired me to join the Durham Rowing 'Learn to Row' program (something that I always thought I would like try but kept putting it on the back burner). Your story about the stones has also resonated with me. Although, I have not yet put my sorrow into my stones, I have always connected somehow with them. I have actually moved homes & moved my stones with me. Maybe it is time that I leave them where they are, along with the sorrow. Besides thoroughly enjoying your book, your writing and your journey, you have inspired me to create some new goals. Even though I am not able to walk 'the Camino' right now, I know that someday I will. I am certain that our paths will cross too. Thank you so much for the inspiration." Sincerely, Gwen
"We met at your book signing this past Friday evening, at Chapters in Ancaster, perhaps you remember signing your book for Sandra. Many strangely linked events happened to me that day, one of them was our chance meeting. Just as I was looking at books about spirituality, angels, etc., I ran straight into your table!! I took it as a sign, so how could I not read what you wrote? I read the book that night and the following day, and I must say, for not having read too many books on this type of subject matter, your experiences and thoughts hit home with me in many many ways. In particular, your pilgrimage experience. The questions you asked about life and the answers you were searching for, it's like you wrote exactly what I was thinking! Thank you for putting pen to paper, your book has truly been God's gift to me, as I know it will be for every human being who reads it! Remember at the book signing, how you remarked to another woman who was there, that you have never written anything before? I interrupted and said, "Hey! you've been writing since kindergarten!" Sometimes I think my 'joking sarcasm' offends people, but I only meant that it's something you've been doing so easily and so naturally for so long, you don't realize that your talent was there all along! I think it is a very special God-given talent, that you should continue developing, especially that screenplay offer you had mentioned! I'll be the first to buy a ticket to that one!!! What I really wanted to let you know is that I have decided that since your book is about a journey, what I am going to do is also send your book on a journey!! I mean, the energy and life and power in the words you wrote alone are enough to propel the book to jump right off my bookshelf and rejoice: "Hey you, I love you, now pick me up and read me!" Sue, here's my plan; I am going to write my name, e-mail address, and the date I read your book on the first page of My Camino, and I will gift it to someone I think needs to hear your message (my Sister, Jane), and I will ask that she do the same when she has read it, and so the book's journey continues...Who knows where it will end up??? Maybe one day back in your hands, or maybe in mine!!!! I should wrap this up for now Sue, I hope to meet you again, perhaps on that weekend walking program on Centre Island you told me about. I thank you again for such inspiring words, and I really heard what you were trying to express, and will apply it to my own life! Love's energy and power is very contagious, I intend to pass it on !! I look forward to receiving your newsletter." Sandra
Review from an customer: "An intensely personal, soul searching account"....Read More Meredith Bergshoeff from Chapters/Indigo Marketing writes: "The trials and triumphs of her pilgrimage resonate off each page." Peter Cookson, Rowing Coach, London UK writes: "An incredible masterpiece that flows from the heart." Robert Ward, Author, Virgin Trails writes: "A vivid portrait of romance and life transforming possibilities."
Samantha Corbett wrote: "Hi Sue, I've met you a few times in the Whistle stop while visiting my mother in Washego. The first time was last year I think. I was drawn to your display of CDs immediately. I purchased your CD after a lovely conversation with you and waited until I was home in Rockton to listen to it when no one was home. I loved it. I loved it so much I couldn't wait to share it with my friends. I happened to go out to lunch with a friend the next day and brought her the CD and a stone. I told her she should keep them and I'd get another. Well it seemed every time I got up north after that it was on a Sunday and your store was closed. I thought about your CD so much. I couldn't remember all the details of the stories but l loved the way it made me feel and how it inspired me to look at life a little differently. I thank you for this. This summer I stopped into the Group of Five in Washego, and again I was drawn to your book. It's funny because I don't read very much lately but I was looking forward to two things on my vacation. One was to listen to your CD again and the other was to get lost in a book. The friendly person at the gallery explained that the book was written by you and I should visit your store. I don't know if the lady could tell, but I just about squealed with delight when she said it was about your walk on the Camino. I told her I'd purchase it at the store since I wanted to buy some more CD's for Christmas gifts purchased your book and a few CDs in your store later in the week and read the book in a few days. I loved it. I hated for it to end. But I love the way you ended it. I need to know more about that feather now. I hope you share your experiences with us again in either a CD or another Book. Oh and I was wondering about your knee, you stopped writing about it after your miracle. Is this because you focussed on other details of your journey to write about or did your knee start to feel better? Just wondering. While reading your book I thought to myself about the profound things that happen to you. What I mean is how your friend told you she sent you angels, and how your coach told you things that seemed to be meant for your Camino more than rowing. Then the dream and the feather of course. These things just don't happen to everyone I thought. I had spoken to you a few times at your store and for a moment at the market, and I've noticed how you have a sort of glow about you. Not literally of course, but you draw people in somehow. I wondered if it's just you because you are a special person or is it all of us that have profound things happen to us and we just don't allow ourselves to notice them. We dismiss them because we're too busy to listen. I think your glow is your spirit. It's awakened somehow and it shines. You've inspired me open my spirit to possibilities. I feel I'm forever changed, and if I forget or get lost on my journey I just have to listen to your CD to keep me focussed. Thank you Sue. Samantha Corbett"
"This book is a great book if you just heard about the camino and want to know more of what it is and how it is walking it. There are many books about the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela; this is Sue’s story. She decided to walk it alone, but as many before here have experienced, when you are walking the Camino you are with friends. For me as a reader the book covers three important topics. - Why decide to walk 780 kilometers on foot? - How was the day to day life as a pilgrim? - How did walking those 780 kilometers change someone’s life? Sue explains all of these three topics in here book, of course from here perspective, but in a way that makes someone that has not done the Camino understand. You feel like you are part of here journey." - Written by Ivar Rekve at
What really strikes me is the connection I have with what you wrote - like you were reading my thoughts and I wasn't even there. Theresa van Koeverden
"Hi Sue, I have returned from my vacation and I have read your book. One word .."WOW" I have always been the type of person that was hard to keep my attention focused to one thing at a time, I get bored easily and I have to be constantly doing something. I don't know how many books I have half read and never returned to them. I could not put your book down. It made me wanting to read more, so every chance I had on my vacation for a spare moment I would pick it up and read. I cannot believe you had all that courage and strength to go through what you went through on the Camino, I admire that. I loved the story of the sorrow stones and how you mentioned about "No Expectations" really stuck in my mind. You were awesome at describing everything in detail because I am a very visual person and I was able to visualize everything. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your book and can't wait for the second one to come out!! Thanks for making my vacation that more relaxing! " - Brenda
Book review by Jennifer Toews of Well Now "Sue Kenney’s “My Camino” details her journey toward inspiration and self-realization. A first-time author, she simply and openly imparts her rationale and revelations concerning the trip she took along The Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago de Compostela). Revelling in the surprises that come by way of the unexpected, she finds the best learning and growth tools guised in the ordinary. The “sorrow stones” are my favourite. Ms. Kenney’s method of encouraging awareness is now defined by her goal – to inspire people to think differently. The book talks of change and how, though the world may not, we certainly can. She demonstrates a sincere desire to share the awakening and clearly acknowledges The Camino as her touchstone. Was I inspired? Well, I wrote a metaphoric poem based on her experience. My recent pilgrimage was certainly not on the magnitude of Sue’s but I did embark on a solo vacation. Venturing into unknown territory, I also discovered a wilderness ripe with contemplation, reverence, spontaneity and joy. This was MY Camino! Perhaps I’ve gained a frame of reference, enabling me to more readily recognize and interpret the ever-present signposts. When you are open to absorbing even one nugget of insight from stories such as Sue’s, a broadened scope will be your gift – truly, a wonderful thing! Sue Kenney’s peacefulness flows from the text. A clarity of purpose and renewed desire to cherish each footfall delineates her message. She believes we have the freedom to acknowledge the necessity and acceptability of our path and our decisions. Perhaps, eventually, all of the struggles and challenges along our own road will translate into a reward. The Camino does appear to bless the faithful."
I just finished reading ‘My Camino’ which I happened upon in my local Indigo store. Fabulous read and very inspirational. As I was reading each paragraph, I realized the courage and drive you must have had to begin (and complete) such a journey. I am so pathetically out of shape and your story reminded me that life is a journey. One of these days if I get off the couch I would love to walk the Camino myself and experience the wonder it has to offer. Many thanks, Amy, Brampton, Ontario

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