Practical Barefooting Webinar FREE

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Step 2 : Getting your feet wet.

Join your hosts, Stephanie Welch and Sue Kenney for the next Practical Barefooting Webinar, to learn about what it means (to us) to be barefooters, the wide variety of physical and social environments in which barefooting is both possible and practical (including everything from city dwelling to running to hiking), and tips on how to make it all work for you.

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Grail Springs Barefoot Healing Retreat June 17 & 18

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Connect with the Great Mother Earth.

The gorgeous and award winning wellness retreat centre in Bancroft, Grail Springs is hosting a Barefoot Healing Retreat with Sue Kenney. During the week Sue will be offering 2 evening workshops on reconnecting with the Great Mother Earth through our bare feet.

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Barefoot and Paleo Review of Barebottoms

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Heidi Fiscus is a respected barefooter who writes a blog called Barefoot and Paleo.  She was kind enough to purchase a pair of Barebottoms Original suede shoes and then offered to do a review that highly recommends them. And she’s offering a free giveaway but you’ll have to read her blog to find out more about that.

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Northumberland Today Newspaper Story

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Family Wellness Day speaker to tout benefits of shoelessness

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today

Submitted photo<br /><br />
Sue Kenney

Photo Veronica Cinnamon

NORTHUMBERLAND – A woman who takes people on the El Camino pilgrimage in Spain, and who believes in the healing effects of bare feet hitting the earth, will be the keynote speaker at the third annual Family Wellness Day in Cobourg on April 5.

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Barebottoms Vegan/Neoprene Sample Offer

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Special Offer from Barebottom ShoesIMG_2477[1]

Watch a video with Sue Barefoot Snowshoeing in Barebottoms!

Order a Pair of Sample Barebottoms Neoprene Here

The Barebottoms Vegan/Neoprene barefoot shoes are still in the development stage. All shoes are presently hand made by Sue Kenney, the designer and part-time cobbler. If you would like to try a pair, we are looking for people to wear-test them and provide feedback. You can order a pair of prototype shoes below and they will be mailed to you through Canada Post.

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Barebottoms at the Green Living Show April 25-27

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Green Living ShowBooth 3535

The 2014 Green Living Show - Don't miss this premier eco and health event.IMG_2207[1]

Barebottoms will have a booth at the Green Living Show in Toronto at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place Booth 3535!

Sue Kenney is hoping to be a Speaker and they will be announced on March 31st.  Here’s her topic:

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Barefoot at the Spa

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Inochi Spa & Barebottoms™

With all the cold weather and dangerous snow conditions many have experienced this winter, most of us have spent more time indoors and sitting around than usual.  It’s possible we are not walking or working out as often either. Our body still needs to be strong so it’s even more important to focus on our posture and strengthening our feet…the foundation of the body.

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Save Your Knees

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Barefoot Running?

We want to share information with you about the research about being barefoot, at least some of the time, so you can decide for yourself. Before I started going barefoot 3 1/2 years ago, I had been wearing padded running shoes since back in the 1970’s when we were told it would help us to run faster, be stronger and help avoid injuries. Over the years, I had countless injuries and now as a barefooter, I have almost none!

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Pisces and Barefeet

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Pisces Time, To Do list, Bliss out astrology

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Feb 18- 23

The week ahead’s major planetary aspect is Mercury Retrograde squares SATURN Feb 18/19

A great day to go back and fix, finish, put the ink on the contract, review it, reinvent it, nail it down.

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Camino Blogger of the Week

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Here is the blogger of the week on Camino de Santiago Press!

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