Barebottom Shoes™ Sole-less Pitch Dragon’s Den story in Peterborough Examiner

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They may not have a sole, but they are a shoe with soul.

The barefoot movement is growing because it is the next logical step for a holistic approach to life.  The Nike’s of the world know what we’ve always known, natural is always better. Many of the injuries we sustain can be linked back to the shoes we’ve been wearing from over-padded and supported track shoes to pointed high heels. In his book Born to Run, Christ Christopher McDougall talks about a tribe in Mexico known as the Tarahumara Indians who can run hundreds of miles, and they do much of it barefoot.

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Dragon’s Den Audition on CHEX TV

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Barebottoms ™

Yesterday I went to Peterborough to audition for Dragon’s Den with my prototype barefoot shoe and they loved it!

I have invented/designed the first ever ‘sole-less shoe’ and they are called Barebottoms ™ . They look like a shoe, they act like a shoe but they don’t have a sole. Check them out!

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Barefoot Walking Workshop in Orillia

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Barefoot Healing Workshop

with Sue Kenney

One of the happiest memories I have as a child is going barefoot on the beach. Just thinking of it brings a smile to my face. Join this workshop and discover the healing powers of being BAREFOOT. Not only will you improve your posture, balance and flexibility, learn about how you can help your body to heal itself. Now is the time to prepare your feet indoors so you’re ready for bare footing when the weather improves. Learn about EARTHING or grounding. The Great Mother provides us with electrons that our body needs to contribute to a natural healing process.  Wearing shoes has cut us off from this incredible gift the earth has to offer. Learn how you can integrate this forgotten component of a holistic approach to everyday life. It’s organic and it’s right under our feet!

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