Walk Barefoot to Avoid Injury

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Walking Barefoot Helps You Avoid Foot Injuries; Also Improves Posture, Balance, And Stability

Walking Barefoot

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Blog – Walking the Camino barefoot!

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Sue BF in village back 2014-05-25-0549-Camino de Santiago-MA great way to train for the Camino is to walk barefoot. Start in your home, then step outside to the backyard or a park. Go slowly as you are adapting your entire body to a new way of walking. Your alignment is shifted because you are walking with your heels on the ground.

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Testimonial – The Camino Coach

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Sue Kenney – Author, Coach and Camino GuideSue kneeling

I had the pleasure of walking the Camino with Sue as my coach and guide in May of 2015. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.

Sue’s values drive her behavior and that in turn makes for a caring, professional and always enjoyable experience. Before our walk, Sue coached us via conference call on what to expect from Albergue’s to cash to cell phones. The group established guiding principles, which really solidified our coming together as a team. She also laid out a comprehensive walking program so that we were physically able for our daily walks. When we arrived in Spain, we were more than ready and able.

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Barefoot on the Camino

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I love the thrill of living a simple life, carrying a backpack and just walking everyday. To be honest though, there is always a little fear thrown in, even as a seasoned pilgrim I never know what the Camino has in store for my group or for me.

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Family Wellness Day – Barefoot on the Camino

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family wellness banner

Meet Sue Kenney at this event. Learn about barefooting, connecting to nature, Earthing and help your body to heal itself.

Family Wellness Day 2014

Barebottoms at the Green Living Show April 25-27

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Green Living ShowBooth 3535

The 2014 Green Living Show - Don't miss this premier eco and health event.IMG_2207[1]

Barebottoms will have a booth at the Green Living Show in Toronto at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place Booth 3535!

Sue Kenney is hoping to be a Speaker and they will be announced on March 31st.  Here’s her topic:

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From Camino Pilgrim, to Author, and now a Barefooter

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The story of how Sue Kenney’s world has evolved to take her to the place she is now…a barefooted shoe designer.
Sue in Snow








Read Barefoot Beginner Post Here

Check out Barebottom Shoes and order on line.

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Toronto Yoga Conference – Barefoot Sue

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Booth 1102

24 days left to the conference

The Yoga Conference

March 21-24, 2013

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Meet Barefoot Sue and check out her Barebottom Shoes ™. Sole-less shoes that are perfect for wearing in the yoga studio and outside too! Stay connected with the great Mother Earth and the ground below your feet all the time. Once you go bare, you never go back. Be the first to own a pair! barebottomshoes@gmail.com

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Pilgrims Gathering

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In March 2013 there is another pilgrim gathering of the American Pilgrims on the Camino. http://www.americanpilgrims.com/events/events_national.html

The 2013  Gathering of Pilgrims

Save the Date!

Tuesday, March 12 through Sunday, March 17, 2013            

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