Save Your Knees

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Barefoot Running?

We want to share information with you about the research about being barefoot, at least some of the time, so you can decide for yourself. Before I started going barefoot 3 1/2 years ago, I had been wearing padded running shoes since back in the 1970’s when we were told it would help us to run faster, be stronger and help avoid injuries. Over the years, I had countless injuries and now as a barefooter, I have almost none!

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Pisces and Barefeet

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Pisces Time, To Do list, Bliss out astrology

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Feb 18- 23

The week ahead’s major planetary aspect is Mercury Retrograde squares SATURN Feb 18/19

A great day to go back and fix, finish, put the ink on the contract, review it, reinvent it, nail it down.

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Barefoot Healing Workshop in Muskoka May 3

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                                                                                                                                                                Mother Nature Heals Souls

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CTV News Barrie – Summer Barefooting

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Katherine Ward, CTV Barrie
Published Monday, June 3, 2013 7:01PM EDT

Watch it here on CTV News Barrie

There’s a new trend in walking, and a Washago woman is leading the way.

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The Barebottoms™ Story

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2013 Cell pics 018Here it is... The creative team at Barebottoms want to share the story with you, our readers, customers, fans and our friends, about the journey to pitching a business concept to the hit TV show Dragons’ Den to manufacture and sell sole-less shoes. We’d love to hear your stories too.

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Grail Springs Speaker Event. June15-20, 2014.

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Grail Springs in Bancroft, Ontario.

Barefoot Healing Workshop Week. June 15th to 20th, 2014

From Soul to Sole!  Spend five grounding days at Grail Springs with evening guest presenter Sue Kenney, author, visionary and Camino guide and reconnect with body, mind and Earth.

Sue Kenney presents how we can integrate this forgotten component of a holistic approach to our everyday life. We can re-discover the healing powers of going BAREFOOT. Strengthen the foundation of our body to improve posture, flexibility and balance. Outdoors, you can directly connect your feet to the earth and by grounding you can help your body to heal itself too.  Our bodies are electrically conductive and the influx of negatively charged electrons received through direct contact with the earth can neutralize positive free radicals to reduce inflammation in the body.  See more 

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Family Wellness Day Keynote Speaker – Coburg April 5

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Braid arms extended out 29Sue Kenney will be talking about her Camino experience and being barefoot. There are so many healing benefits you can experience. Do you remember the joy and freedom you felt as a child running barefoot?

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Barebottom Shoes Review

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The Society for Barefoot Living – Reviews

Please feel free to provide a review or send in your ideas to Facebook or email

Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:42 pm (PST) . Posted by:IMG_0640

From unci_narynin

“I agree marketing them primarily to yoga students might not be the primary target group. (CBC TV Dragons’ Den episode)After receiving mine early in january and wearing them indoors and outside thanks to mild weather let me give you my review so far:The first thing that struck me is how small they are. A pair will easily fit into a regular letter envelope. They share this minimalism with their name inspiration, the “Bare bottoms” barefoot sandals of the 1970s – and the rivets used are also similar.I think the unique idea here is having one hole for toe 1, one large hole for toes 2-3-4 and one hole for toe 5. Thinking logically that’s about what it needs for the shoes to get in place.They are time-consuming to put on, more so than fivefingers, slippers, flipflops or sandals. I haven’t measured time but it might be about equal to putting on a pair of socks plus laced shoes. One of the things about going barefoot that I love is that it takes absolutely no preparation – putting on Barebottom shoes takes quite a bit of preparation in contrast to that. Once they are on, there is the funny feeling of having something between your toes but as I have walked quite a bit, I am glad to report there is no friction that would result in discomfort. They don’t interfere with the natural barefoot way of walking; you can quickly forget about them. Unlike fivefingers there is no danger of slipping out of them. Having a bit of leather cover the top of your foot actually gives a slight feeling of warmth. When it’s cold I wear legwarmers under my pants so I pulled those over the knot of the barebottom shoes, that worked ok. The thin and soft leather holds up remarkably well. I have not noticed any wear yet. I would recommend wearing them when you want to go barefoot but feel underdressed doing so. Maybe also to help lower your temperature limit when it’s cold and dry (in combination with legwarmers). Wearing them on the bike is also no problem, no interference with pedals. They are certainly a great and unusual fashion statement for those who look for something stylish while still mostly barefoot. And they don’t look so ‘girlish' that a man would feel odd in them (unlike many types of ‘barefoot sandals’). Now to the contraindications: I don’t recommend wearing them in wetness, rain, dirt and mud. The ground outside my house is not paved so on wet days it’s unavoidable to get dirty (on the small strap below the sole). The mud dries and the soft leather gets hard. Same in the rain, the material isn’t very pleasant when wet. And of course these aren’t the emergency shoes you may need for particularly difficult terrain, they keep most of the sole bare, after all. So now they are dirty. I just washed them with dish soap under the warm water tap and put them up to dry. What could be developed of them? As a do-it-yourself kind of person I gave that some thought: Maybe develop a variant quicker to put on, closed with a velcro strap instead of the long laces. Maybe a material mix with cloth or neoprene top, keeping the leather where it’s essential. I guess I’ll take them as an inspiration to build another pair. I cannot answer the question raised in the TV show “Is there much money to be earned with this?” Many barefooters enjoy that it’s free to go barefoot, and rather hard to commercialize. I wish Sue good luck and hope that the TV exposure is a bit of an inspiration to many. But even if no great numbers are sold, I’ll be happy to put something rare and unique to put on my feet when I feel like it.”
January 22, 2014.
“Sue did a great job of presenting her barebottom footwear. The “Dragons†panel seemed taken with the idea of barefooting, though at least one thought sidewalks too gross. They all found the barebottoms liberating and comfortable, though tricky to put on until you get the hang of it. Sue pointed out that yoga students were an enthusiastic market for barebottoms (it would be nice after a yoga class to stop off at a café without needing to sh@# up) and that her sales are expanding as more people hear about the barebottoms. One panelist thought barefooters would be a better market than yoga people. I know many women who decline to barefoot because their feet are “ugly†. Barebottoms might bring some of them into the fold. My experience with barebottoms is that no one even questions me, which is nice when I am with my confrontation hating wife. In the end the Dragons declined to invest. Sue’s valuation of her company was good for her projected sales, but they were worried that projections might have been optimistic.Barebottoms are a great way to get people to contact the earth and walk naturally with attractive comfortable footwear. Yoga is popular and barebottoms help bring these natural allies into the fold: baring their soles outside the yoga studio. Barefoot James in Seattle, where we get Canadian TV.”
Thanks James!
Watch Barebottoms video here

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Vivid Life Post

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Good Day Sue,
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you are” and my dear friend Sue Regan Kenney creator of Barebottom Shoes personifies this quote! A women who is not afraid to live her dream no matter how other people perceive her..Tonight she stands in front of The Dragon’s on CBC to pitch not only a new product, but a new (old) way of living!

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Dragons’ Den Barebottom Shoes Episode on CBC Now

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Here’s the link to the hit CBC TV show Dragons’ Den Episode 12 aired on January 15 and again on January 19, 2014.

On this episode of Dragons’ Den, a pitcher who says that when it comes to sun protection, she’s got it covered; a lecturer who wants the Dragons to connect with the earth. (that’s Sue Kenney)

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