Toronto Spring Pilgrim Meeting

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Group Camino 2011 842

Past, Present and Future Pilgrims

Are you thinking about doing the Camino?

Have you already walked and now feel like you miss being around pilgrims?

Do you have questions about the Camino and need help getting through all the material?

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A Blogger Writes about the Camino Barefoot

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Barefooting The Camino

by Susan Mann


The camino inspires in so many ways and one never knows what all will come from this ancient, magical, and treasured pilgrim path.  For Sue Regan Kenney the camino has been a passion for years  before its recent “renaissance” explosion that is taking place around the world.  Inspired by her experience Sue has been on a continued camino adventure that has included making her own documentary in 2006 Las Peregrinas – The Women Who Walk, writing two books My Camino – A true story about the spiritual journey of a woman confronting her deepest fear, Confessions Of A Pilgrim, and now her amazing innovative design Barefoot Bottoms a remarkable new sole-less shoes that are full of Sue’s incredible spirit – Sue and her Barefoot Bottoms invention have incredible SOULS of another kind!

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My Camino Group Walk May 2014

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Each year a new group of pilgrims embark on the journey of a life-time on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain. Many people feel the Camino calls to them at just the right time. Is it calling you? On this group Camino journey you’ll be coached and guided by Sue Kenney about how to prepare, what to expect and how to integrate the potentially life-altering journey you have into life back home. You have the chance to walk back to yourself,  to the beautiful authentic person you are.

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Voted Most Inspirational Person

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Wow, I’m honoured and moved that a friend of mine suggested I be voted as the most Inspirational Person. Here is the link with some background. If you feel so moved to vote for me I would be very grateful. You can vote as many times as you want. Here’s the link:

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Mayan Calendar

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The end of the Mayan Calendar is all about new beginnings, a new consciousness and a return to the perfect beautiful person you are. The Camino offers a path to practice this and walk back to yourself. You are invited to walk with me in May 2013.  Shift your life.

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English Speaking Pilgrims on the Rise

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There is a huge increase in English speaking pilgrims walking the Camino this year. A 90% growth in Americans, probably due to the movie The Way. (Can’t wait to see the impact of the movie version of My Camino!)

Pilgrims from English speaking countries
The increase in numbers from the English speaking countries continues to be a major talking point in camino circles. The United States increased by 1% again this month to surge further head of the others.

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St. Jordi’s Catalan Book Festival in Toronto features author Sue Kenney

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Once upon a time, there was a town terrified by a dragon. The beast demanded a maiden per weekto eat, and one day, it was the  princess’ turn to beoffered to the dragon. The young knight Jordi heard aboutthe princess’ fate and decided to save her. He fiercelyfought  the dragon and while the creature fell mortally wounded somethingamazing happened: from the blood on the floor a beautiful redrose grew. Jordi picked the flower and gave it to the princess as a sign of his love, and they livedhappily ever after.

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Sue Kenney presents as a Guest Lecturer at U of T Creative Writing Course

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Coursesoffered by the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies’Creative Writing Program. Whether you wish to pursue a certificate in Freelanceor Creative Writing, or take an individual master class, this course might helpdevelop the voice in you.

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Day 2 – 8 Days of Inspiration

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Chapter 4&5 from the audiobook version of My Camino is available Free today. Enjoy the stories.

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