An interview with Sue Kenney and Barefoot Moe

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Published November 18, 2013 | By Moe Barefoot (Barefoot Planet)

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet a fellow Canadian barefooter Sue Kenney. She is a pilgrim, book author, motivational speaker and the designer of the innovative Barebottom Shoes.

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You Don’t Have to Wear Khaki’s to be a Pilgrim

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Pilglrim Attire

This morning my newsletter Inspirational Moments went out and I talked about how we don’t have to wear pilgrim clothes to dinner at night after walking the Camino. I found a designer Suzanne Wyman of Yes World Boutique who has created a gorgeous dress/top that is perfect to wear after a long day of walking. For most pilgrimsthe most important part of the day is dinner.  It’s a chance to share stories, break bread together and nourish our pilgrim bodies. I always suggest people wear something different, that doesn’t look like the clothes they’ve been wearing in the day, rather something special. I refer to as “Camino Glowear!”global groove scuba dive blue

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From Camino Pilgrim, to Author, and now a Barefooter

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The story of how Sue Kenney’s world has evolved to take her to the place she is now…a barefooted shoe designer.
Sue in Snow








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Check out Barebottom Shoes and order on line.

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German Translation of Chapter 7 Stone by Stone from the book My Camino

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My Camino

Sue Kenney

Kapitel 7

Stein um Stein


Sue in Snow 2001

Oakville Welness eventGroup Walk May 2014

FREE Camino Conference Call

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Thinking of going for a long walk? Learn insights and tips about walking the Camino from an expert pilgrim who has walked 10 times .2012-05-22 10.30.00

FREE Conference Call 


September 26, 2013 at 5pm EST with


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Sue Kenney will be at The Word on the Street

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Sunday September 22, 2013.

Author Signing 

It’s the greatest literary event ever and I’ll be in Toronto at The Word on the Street on Sunday Sept 22. Booth 183.

Many years ago when it was on Queen St W I used to take my kids there. It’s the first time I have been a vendor since I became an author of the book My Camino in 2004. Now it’s in development as a feature film by Academy Award Nominated producer Item 7!

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My Camino Group Walk May 2014

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Each year a new group of pilgrims embark on the journey of a life-time on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain. Many people feel the Camino calls to them at just the right time. Is it calling you? On this group Camino journey you’ll be coached and guided by Sue Kenney about how to prepare, what to expect and how to integrate the potentially life-altering journey you have into life back home. You have the chance to walk back to yourself,  to the beautiful authentic person you are.

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Barefoot Interview with Michael Sandler

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Run Barefoot Girl Podcast

RBG 98: Michael Sandler’s New Journey

Fans of RunBare’s Michael Sandler were shocked to learn that in May he suffered yet another life-threatening injury and is in recovery in Hawaii. Remarkably, in spite of facing unimaginable physical challenges, Michael remains upbeat and positive, speaking candidly with Caity in this episode about his accident and his journey.

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Barefoot Healing Workshop-Cherry Valley Retreat

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Dare to go Bare.

Come out to this workshop and discover the healing powers of being BARFOOT. Be a part of this movement to re-connect with the earth and be healthier. Meet Sue Kenney, barefooter and Camino pilgrim/coach who recently pitched her Barebottom Shoes to Dragons’ Den will be leading the workshop.  IMG_2032

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Earthies Barebottom Shoes

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*New* Earthies are available in Tan, Black, Navy Blue and Green in suede or pleather. If you don’t want to cross garter laces around your legs, this is a great option. Same soleless functionality and style but with extra holes provided to tie the straps over the arch. Adds traction for yoga and perfect for walking barefoot.

BB Shoe front lace Camcorder April 2013 328 Camcorder April 2013 329 Camcorder April 2013 333

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