Women at their Best Event-Sue Kenney keynote speaker

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The 17th Annual Women

at Their Best

Where: Nottawasaga Inn

Crystal Ballroom

Tickets: $30 in advance

Available at:

• A New You Optical

• Barb’s Clothes Closet

• TD Waterhouse


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Dragons Bare their Sole to Me

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The Orillia Packet and Times did a great article on my Dragons Den experience. Read it here.

Barebottom Shoes at the Toronto Yoga and Pilates Show

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Keynote Talk About the Camino in Aurora, barefoot.

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Ok, this is my first barefoot talk about the Camino in front of a paying audience. Can’t believe I actually wiggle my toes while I’m talking! 🙂

Thanks to Monica Mueller for organizing such an incredible event and Levon Ichkhanian’s awe inspiring music.

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The Canadian Camino

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Group Journey with Sue Kenney

Camino means the way and this journey is one way to being outdoors in the beauty of nature along the Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada. Sue Kenney has walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain 9 times and has guided many groups. She is an expert pilgrim and life coach.  The group will be shuttled back and forth to where the walk ended each day, so you don’t have to worry about packing camping equipment or sleeping in the rain.

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Sue at Ontario Writer’s Conference

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Ontario Writers Conference

I’m honoured to be a guest lecturer at this fabulous conference. I’ll tell the story of my journey and give tips about how to pitch a screenplay, successfully.

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Barebottom Shoes™ Sole-less Pitch Dragon’s Den story in Peterborough Examiner

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They may not have a sole, but they are a shoe with soul.

The barefoot movement is growing because it is the next logical step for a holistic approach to life.  The Nike’s of the world know what we’ve always known, natural is always better. Many of the injuries we sustain can be linked back to the shoes we’ve been wearing from over-padded and supported track shoes to pointed high heels. In his book Born to Run, Christ Christopher McDougall talks about a tribe in Mexico known as the Tarahumara Indians who can run hundreds of miles, and they do much of it barefoot.

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Voted Most Inspirational Person

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Wow, I’m honoured and moved that a friend of mine suggested I be voted as the most Inspirational Person. Here is the link with some background. If you feel so moved to vote for me I would be very grateful. You can vote as many times as you want. Here’s the link:

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Speaking Event

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Women at their Best

Nottawasaga Inn

April 30, 2013 – More details to follow.

A Journey Back to Yourself

with Sue Kenney

What is holding you back from being your greatest gift to the world? After being suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom position, Sue Kenney made the decision to walk 780 kilomters on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino to gain some clarity about what to do with her life. Wearing a heavy backpack loaded with all her personal belongings she is forced to lighten her load by letting go of what isn’t serving her. With each step she took forward she walked back to herself and discovered how to physically and metaphorically simplify her journey by choosing to leave the excess baggage behind. With the grace of a humble pilgrim, Sue takes us on her personal journey of self-discovering and imparts the lessons about how to apply the virtues of being a  modern day pilgrim, to create what we truly desire in life.

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Rogers Daytime TV Show Interview

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Sue Kenney is talking about the Camino as a metaphor for life and how the experience changed her.

Rogers TV Durham Region


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