Volunteer Positions in Santiago

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Pilgrims’ Office – Santiago de Compostela
Volunteers wanted

There are a number of volunteering opportunities available through the Pilgrims’ Office in Santiago during the period May – October 2013. Volunteers are expected to have previously made the pilgrimage to Santiago.

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English Speaking Pilgrims on the Rise

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There is a huge increase in English speaking pilgrims walking the Camino this year. A 90% growth in Americans, probably due to the movie The Way. (Can’t wait to see the impact of the movie version of My Camino!)

Pilgrims from English speaking countries
The increase in numbers from the English speaking countries continues to be a major talking point in camino circles. The United States increased by 1% again this month to surge further head of the others.

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Blisters on the Camino

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Blisters. Almost everyone gets them on the Camino. The trick is to keep your feet dry. For many years I avoided them completely by putting vaseline on my feet every morning and changing my socks partway through the day. (if you’re barefoot you don’t get them) n May each year I guide a group of pilgrims along the Camino, a medival route following the footsteps of millions of people. You’ll be guided to prepare for the journey physically, mentally and spiritually and learn expert tips. We’ll walk over 200 kilometers in 11 days together. If you want a package about estimated expenses, what’s planned and how to sign up contact me directly. Read about it http://lnkd.in/VhsnU4 It’s the journey of a lifetime.

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My first Camino was 11 years ago in November/December 2001

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Are you thinking about walking the Camino pilgrimage in Spain or at home?

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Walk back to what matters to you! Walk back to your true self!

Our next Your Camino Group Journey begins on May 19, 2013. Walk for 11 days on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain with expert pilgrim Sue Kenney. Book by December 31st, 2012 and get 10% off coaching/guide fees.

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New Facebook Page for Camino Documentary

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Las Pergrinas…the women who walk.


Las Peregrinas chronicles a group of first-time women pilgrims on their own individual journeys of self-discovery as they walk for 12 days on the ancient pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.
The Camino is a path that people have walked for over 1100 years. Pilgrims of the past went to Santiago, because the remains of St James the Apostle were alleged to be buried there. They believed if they were closer to the remains of an apostle, they would be closer to God. Modern day pilgrims come from all over the world, from all denominations and cultures to walk the mystical path. This film questions what compels modern day women to voluntarily choose to suffer both the joys and anguish of walking hundreds, sometimes thousands of kilometers on a medieval pilgrimage route in search of something more? We ask: What compels women to voluntarily choose to suffer both the joys and anguish of walking hundreds of kilometers in search of something more? We follow this group of women on the Camino documenting various stages of their quest as they talk directly to the camera in daily diaries and in unguarded highly emotional moments. We are privy to their struggles and epiphanies as they journey.
Anita is a 44 year old business executive. First generation Canadian Italian, from a family of three daughters. She’s optimistic and ready for a possibly difficult journey, and ends up in deep introspection. It’s Anita who raises possibly the most interesting question on the journey; “How much do we have to suffer in order to be happy?” Mony is a 40 year old Lebanese, Canadian MBA, former business (or sales and marketing) exec in the software industry, and now a master pilgrim. She resigned from a lucrative position to walk the Camino in 2003 and then   continued on a 5000 kilometer walk for peace from Rome to Jerusalem with another pilgrim. Mony represents hard-core pilgrim values and struggles with her natural inclination to take charge. A soldier for peace, Margie is a 56 year old retired teacher and mother of five children. A strict Roman Catholic, she walked this pilgrimage to pray for her sister in law who has Breast Cancer and for the physical challenge of the journey. “Some people came on this journey to find out who they are, I know who I am.” She came not expecting to have a religious experience but winds up mothering, mentoring and teaching two pilgrims how to pray the rosary.   Anita Shuper is a 32 year old MBA graduate looking to find meaningful work, has survived ovarian cancer and saw this journey as an opportunity for personal growth. She’s subjected to a 15th century form of blister surgery, then finds herself in hysterical laughter. Naturally funny and a source of comic relief, Anita started this journey like it was a variation on the family vacation, and   nonetheless experiences what is possibly the most profound emotional and spiritual transformation of all the pilgrims.
Sue Kenney, 50 year old writer, speaker and expert pilgrim is on her fifth Camino to Santiago, Sue brings her natural hands-off approach to this diverse group of women. A pastor or guide, she keeps the pilgrims moving in the direction of Santiago while simultaneously giving them the freedom to choose their own path, allowing the Camino to deliver what each pilgrim needs. Balancing the delicate roles of Leader, Guide, Pilgrim and Director, Sue not only brings a unique perspective to the documentary, but is presented with the opportunity to deeply understand and integrate what it means to live her life purpose as one who inspires others. Sue is a mother of three grown daughters and an author of two books on the Camino.

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Vision One Walk

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A foundation to support artists.

Artistic creativity has played a significant role in culture across the centuries. Today we are asking artists to create without compensation. Music, art, writing and other artistic endeavours are now being downloaded or viewed for free. And because of the technology that is available, we can copy what others create, instead of creating ourselves. This has the potential to foster complacency and a lack of creativity within a society of individuals who are naturally highly creative. What if we could inspire artists to be more creative and compensate them?

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Barefoot Healing Workshop

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Would you like to discover the healing powers of going BAREFOOT? Not only will you improve your balance and flexibility, there’s a possibility you can help your body to heal itself. In the book EARTHING,Clinton Ober talks about how grounding can contribute to a natural healing process. Our bodies are electrically conductive and the influx of negatively charged electrons received through direct contact with the earth neutralizes positive free radicals and the result is that it reduces unwanted inflammation in the body. Wearing shoes has cut us off from this incredible gift the earth has to offer. Learn how you can integrate this forgotten component of a holistic approach to everyday life. It’s organic and it’s right under our feet! Join Sue Kenney and learn all about how you can reconnect!

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10 Tips for Being a Pilgrim in Life

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Ten Tips for Being a Pilgrim in Life

by Sue Kenney

10.  Walk. Just put one foot in front of the other.

9.   Keep an open mind. Expect nothing and everything is a gift.

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Suseya Workshop in Santiago

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Suseya Workshop

It’s all about being a pilgrim in life. 

What are you doing with your life now that you’ve walked the Camino? You are a pilgrim and on your wayhome. You know that things will be different. Your perspective has shifted and it might be more difficult to identify the yellow arrows once you are away from the Camino. Why not get the support of an expert pilgrim and life coach who can guide you along the way? Sue Kenney, a Canadian best-selling author of the book My Camino and Confessions of a Pilgrim,  pilgrim, life/Camino coach, workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker is offering a unique start-up program to provide the insight, guidance and tools pilgrims can apply to help to integrate the Camino experience into their life back home. Sue will walk 225kms of the Camino from Ponferrada leading a group of pilgrims and plans to arrive in Santiago May 31st, 2012. This is her 9th Camino and will walk this time Barefoot. Everyone is welcome.

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