Day 2 – 8 Days of Inspiration

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Chapter 4&5 from the audiobook version of My Camino is available Free today. Enjoy the stories.

8 Days of Inspiration

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FREE Offer. Beginning January 1st, 2012 you can download daily Chapters of My Camino audiobook for FREE! To get you started with laughter, here’s a short film about the Camino BLOOPERS during the recording session with Sue Kenney narrating the book. Enjoy the journey!

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My Camino Audiobook

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I found my Voice.

From the first time I started writing My Camino the book, I wanted to speak the words of the stories. I had recorded a storytelling CD called Stone by Stone in 2003 before I started writing, yet I still wanted to use my voice. Finally, 10 years have passed since my first Camino and I have finally recorded the entire book. It’s a 5 CD set full of my love for this path that changed my life forever.

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Barefoot Walking

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I’ve untied my hiking boots, tossed them aside and I’ve decided to walk barefoot. Almost everyday I go to the forest and walk on the cushion of leaves squishy my toes into the mud. Now that winter has arrived I’m tackling the snow and ice. I’ve been reading Barefoot Running to prepare for harsher conditions and found out that the brain signals to the body to send more blood and fat (yes fat) to the feet. This acts as insulation and it works. I feel stronger and healthier because of it. Can’t wait to tell you more.

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