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The Fitness For Freedom Podcast – With Jonathan Chant

Episode 10 is an interview with Sue Kenney about why she goes barefooting on the Camino and the story behind Barebottom Shoes.

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Walk Barefoot to Avoid Injury

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Walking Barefoot Helps You Avoid Foot Injuries; Also Improves Posture, Balance, And Stability

Walking Barefoot

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Fall Meeting Camino Pilgrims of London

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safe_imageThe Fall meeting of the Camino Pilgrims of London (Ontario, Canada) will take place on Sunday, November 1st at St John the Evangelist, 280 St James in the parish hall (off Wellington) from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
We will welcome back returned pilgrims and give shells to those with pilgrimage  intent.

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Blog – Walking the Camino barefoot!

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Sue BF in village back 2014-05-25-0549-Camino de Santiago-MA great way to train for the Camino is to walk barefoot. Start in your home, then step outside to the backyard or a park. Go slowly as you are adapting your entire body to a new way of walking. Your alignment is shifted because you are walking with your heels on the ground.

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City Soles – New Barebottom Shoes

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A true minimalist shoe.

On November 1st, we will be launching a new Barebottom Shoe with a demi-sole. They are great for rough surfaces, running on gravel, walking on city streets and any place where the terrain is not conducive to being barefoot.

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Testimonial – The Camino Coach

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Sue Kenney – Author, Coach and Camino GuideSue kneeling

I had the pleasure of walking the Camino with Sue as my coach and guide in May of 2015. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.

Sue’s values drive her behavior and that in turn makes for a caring, professional and always enjoyable experience. Before our walk, Sue coached us via conference call on what to expect from Albergue’s to cash to cell phones. The group established guiding principles, which really solidified our coming together as a team. She also laid out a comprehensive walking program so that we were physically able for our daily walks. When we arrived in Spain, we were more than ready and able.

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Camino/Barefoot Talk in Boston

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 Floating Lotus







Presents best-selling author of My Camino Sue Kenney

Journey to the Soul

After being suddenly downsized from her corporate career, Sue Kenney wasn’t sure what to do with her life. A world masters rowing champion and mother of 3 teenagers, she left her ordinary world to embark on a spiritual journey as a simple pilgrim. She walked 500 miles over 29 days across the north of Spain on a medieval pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago. She went alone, in the winter and returned home with a vision to share the idea of the Camino as a metaphor of a life journey with purpose. It was through the art of storytelling, she found her voice. Sue embraced a barefoot lifestyle at home and on the Camino.  Join us to hear Sue’s stories and insights into this life changing experience.

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Mi Camino – New Spanish translation of best selling book

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Mi Camino – by Sue Kenney

Translation by Alberto Agraso

Mi Camino front cover

It is with great honour that I offer the Spanish translation of My Camino in the language of the people of Spain, whre I experienced a shift that changed the course of my life forever. El Camino de Santiago de Compostela is a medieval pilgrimage route that people have been walking for over 1000 years. When I walked in 2001 very few people in Canada or the USA knew about the route and therefore many thought that I had lost my mind!

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Picking up Stones

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IMG_9759On October 5th, I started My Camino Group Pilgrimage Retreat with a group of 6 pilgrims. We arrive in Samos and spent some time at the 6th Century Monastery there and the next day we travelled to Sarria to begin. We walked the last 115 kilometers to Santiago, Spain as our destination.

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TEDX Toronto

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TED X Toronto

It is my dream to one day do a TED talk. On October 22, I will attend the TED X Toronto event to be in the audience to hear some great speakers. I hope to get a sense of what the experience is like, to inspire me so that I can apply to be a speaker to share my experiences and insights in my bare foot life and the reasons why I designed Barebottom Shoes!

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