Today, Camino pilgrims come from all over the world, from different backgrounds and cultures, to embark on a journey that is often profound and life-changing. After they complete the pilgrimage to Santiago they return to life in the real world back home. That's when they find themselves in a state of “Camino Blues.” Life isn’t the same as it was on the path. Many feel that people don’t understand them and they can’t relate to the experience they’ve had; they have no one to whom they can talk. The expectations from family and friends to return to the way they were before they left can lead to confusion and stress. In a commercial, results driven, pressured society it can also be very difficult to return and live the virtues of being a simple pilgrim, even if it’s what they truly desire. Suseya is a Latin word meaning Upward. When the pilgrims of the past walked to Santiago they were greeted with the word, Ultreya. (Onward) Once they arrived in Santiago, they had to walk all the way back home. They were often greeted with the word Suseya. She decided to create a community group to offer stories, tips, reflection, guidance and an opportunity for a dialogue about integrating the profound experience of the Camino into the pilgrims’ life back home. Su Camino en Casa...your journey back home. You can find a Suseya page on Facebook. Suseya  on Facebook

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  • What is a Pilgrim?

    "Someone who walks on a journey with a destination in mind. I believe we are all pilgrims, each on our own path to find the way." -Sue Kenney

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    "I've finished your book some weeks ago and I'd like to tell you that I liked so much. When reading it I had the feeling that it was written from the heart, in a very sincere way.... " - Migue, Barcelona, Spain

    "For all of us square pegs who never really seemed to fit the round hole (and still don't) offer hope! Thank you dearly for coming to the park and sharing your gift. I will never look at a rock that looks out of place the same way! " - Doug McColl

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