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Join Sue and Alison Braun (Founder of Earthtreks) and some keen writers for a weeklong retreat in the Cloud Forest. We will tap into this incredibly diverse and tropical landscape to enhance creativity, develop new writing skills and get some feedback on your writing too.

Imagine yourself in a riverside studio in the Ecuadorian cloud forest. That’s where we will provide the perfect environment for tapping into your highest form of creativity. Harness, expand and cultivate your writing skills with Sue Kenney, a screenplay writer and best-selling author of the book My Camino. Whether you are journalling, blogging, writing your own story or the next best seller, this retreat has been designed to guide you to access your inner source of creativity. We will approach the creative process with a holistic theme that encapsulates mind, body and spirit in a natural environment.

Your creativity will thrive in the lush natural surroundings of Mindo, Ecuador located almost right on the Equator. We start each day with a morning mindfulness practice and a nature walk, followed by breakfast beside the river. The rest of our days will be filled with daily writing workshops, an interactive conversation about your individual writing challenges, and free time to write. The retreat also includes several other daily activities, such as touring an artisanal chocolate factory, a butterfly garden, and guided nature hikes through some of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Writing can be a personal journey and keeping that in mind, we have set the stage for you to explore the narrative of your own life story as a means to embody and access the creative flow. We will also tour authentic small village Ecuadorian culture with local friends and family. No previous writing experience is required. You only need an open mind and heart.

Your retreat guides are author, Sue Kenney, and EarthTreks’ founder, Alison Braun, who invites you into her home and new yoga studio for the retreat. This is going to be a fabulous week of relaxation, creativity, learning, and fun!

About Author Sue Kenney

Sue is the author of best-selling book My Camino. After being downsized from her corporate career, she decided to embark on walking 800 kilometers along the medieval pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Sue brings readers along with her on this solo journey by sharing personal stories about how she faced her fears and learned to embrace the power of surrender. She later directed the feature documentary film,  Las Peregrinas which was screened worldwide and released her second book, Confessions of a Pilgrim. Currently she is working with Academy Award Nominated Producer Item 7 (Brooklyn) on a project co-writing the screenplay for the feature film adaptation of My Camino along with her writing partner Bruce Pirrie, of Second City fame. It is expected to be released in 2018. Sue has walked various routes of the Camino and each year coaches, guides and walks with her group in the spring and fall. She is a Camino/Life/Writing Coach and offers a writing workshop called How to Write Good. Sue is also the designer of a new kind of footwear that was seen on Dragon’s Den, called Barebottom Shoes. With the foundation of her barefoot practice, Sue is constantly pushing boundaries and expanding her creative talents. Her purpose in life is to serve the world by using her voice to inspire others on their life journey, to be a greater contribution to the universe. 

About EarthTreks’ Founder Alison Braun

Alison combined her love of travel in search of the world’s abundance of natural and cultural treasures with her personal commitment to effect positive social and environmental change to form the vision of EarthTreks, her thriving sustainable travel company which specializes in trips through Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Alison discovered the natural paradise of Mindo, Ecuador in 1997, when environmental work took her there. She has maintained a home and close network of friends and family there ever since, and now has the pleasure to bring groups to meet them, staying right in her village to experience the magical surroundings and natural abundance first-hand.

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