You are being invited to return to nature.
Feet are the foundation of our body. Our soles gift us with a direct connection to Earth’s infinite healing powers; but when we wear shoes, they cut us off and impede proper foot function. In How to Wear Bare Feet Sue shares her re-wilding journey back to her authentic self by connecting my bare feet to the ground. Learn how you can tap into the intelligence in the soles of your feet for optimum health, anti-aging, earthing, better posture and some child-like fun in your life. Be inspired to integrate a barefooting practice in your life. You’ll better understand the benefits of earthing, how to enable more efficient movement of your body, engage an approach to anti-aging and improved posture, and you’ll return to a more natural state; the perfect antidote to civilization.

Forest Activated Book Signing

Learning to barefoot with Sue Regan Kenney.


Sometimes life takes us on a journey that doesn’t initially make sense. While writing the manuscript for How to Wear Bare Feet I was reminded of how walking the Camino in thick leather boots in 2001 gave me insight into my life work — to use my voice to share stories to inspire others on their life journey. And it is still evolving. The passion to contribute to something greater in the world ultimately guided me to embody a deep love that I was missing in my life; the beloved Great Mother Earth.

After walking the Camino for ten years, both alone and leading groups of pilgrims, I finally took my boots off and embodied her divine energy. The cadence of her breath; the rhythm of her heartbeat; the organic nature of her love; the nourishment of her trees, plants, mud, water and everything in between. I fell in deeply love with her in the forest.

For the last seven years, I’ve planted my bare soles on her belly and she showed me, my inner child. I’ am a sacred servant to her in Canada and all over the world. I am a lover, a guide, a soul sister, a caretaker, and a devout believer in the faith of nature. And that is why I wrote a book about being barefoot, physically and figuratively. She asked me to guide you back to the forest to bare your soul.

400 copies of How to Wear Bare Feet are being delivered to my home by Lake Couchiching today. Tomorrow, with my dear Goddess friends, Lindsy and Kitty, we will be taking all the books to the forest at Kahshe Barrens, in Muskoka at 1:00 pm EST. You are welcome to join us there.

As restorers and protectors of life, we will activate them with the vibration and blessing of the Great Mother Earth. Each book will be bathed and infused with forest energy. presented to her, then signed. A personally selected leaf — from the forest floor — will be chosen to be placed inside the cover of the book. We will offer gratitude to the tree ancestors for providing the paper used to print them.

Each activated book will be sequentially numbered and available to purchase online by donation for the launch period: September 19 until all the activated books are sold out. (maximum 10 books per person) It’s my desire to make the books available to everyone so please pay what you can (PWYC).

We will be making a donation from the sale of the book to a very special community: The Green Beautiful Foundation – one woman’s mission to tune into the earth’s harmonics that create life and return home to our gifts. Led by Sharon Bely-Verdy, whose life work it is to create a collective of connected souls who are committed to being the change by healing and tuning into harmonics that create life and allow us to return home to our gifts. She says, “By embodying the change through the frequency of sound, the language of trees, the earth songs and the songlines – we manifest wholeness.”

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Sole to soul.