Soon to be made into a feature film by Item 7 in Montreal, Canada. Will be part of the Berlinale Film Festival Co-Production Market.

My Camino film project has been selected out of over 35o projects world-wide.

Here is the list of the officially selected participants for the Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival Co-Production Market and My Camino with Director Louise Archambault (Gabrielle/Familia) and Producer Item 7 are all listed. It’s co-written by the exceptionally talented Bruce Pirrieand Sue Kenney.

50% of the selected film projects are Directed by Woman.

My Camino is a story about a woman, based on a book by a woman, co-written by a woman (and a man), directed by a woman and the lead will be a woman. Its time has come.

Thank you for sending your positive vibes for success in securing the funding we require to bring this story to market. Special thanks to Pierre Even and Jeannette Garcia the all the people at Item 7. One step at a time.

How exciting!