• Confessions of a Pilgrim more deeply explores the terrain of Sue  first book, My Camino.  She returns to the celebrated ancient pilgrimage path to walk 500 kilometers alone on the Portuguese Route. Prior to leaving, she is entrusted with a sacred Eagle Feather by a Native friend. Her mission, a result of a vivid dream, is to find a worthy recipient before returning home.
  • My Camino
    After being suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom career, Sue walks this medieval pilgrimage in Spain on a journey to find her authentic self. It is through all the people she meets along the way that she discovers what is important in life.
    My Camino is a best-selling book in development as a feature film. It is the true story of a woman who walked alone in the winter on a medieval pilgrimage route in Spain. written and narrated by Sue Kenney in a wonderful 5 CD Set.
  • My Camino Book

    $20.00 CAD
    This is a true story about the spiritual journey of a woman who confronts her deepest fear: facing the truth about what was her purpose in life. After being suddenly downsized, Sue walked 780 kilometers across the north of Spain, alone in the winter, on a life-altering journey of self-discovery. She tells stories about the people and experiences she met along the way and how they contributed to her desire to have a love affair with herself. You will read about the albergues without heat or hot water, villagers who make meals for pilgrims and protect them from danger, a story about a dog named Bernie and ultimately a love story.
    "With each step I took forward, I walked back to myself to discover that everything I needed was within me." Sue Kenney
    The best-selling book, My Camino is in development as a feature film with Item 7, Montreal, Canada.
    Also available in Spanish - Mi Camino.

    "My Camino by Sue Kenney took me on a woman’s life-changing journey of self-discovery.  What exactly is self-discovery?  It is finding your purpose in life, accepting change, facing your fears, and finding peace, joy, love, and happiness within. Everybody is born to fulfill a divine purpose, and the Creator has given us everything we will ever need to fulfill that purpose. However, that is only the beginning!  The Creator of the universe, the divine energy of life, needs us to demonstrate the goodness the Creator has in store for all people!

    Sue lives her life daily sharing these qualities around the world. Through her book, Camino group pilgrimages, speaking engagements and social media she shines a glowing light in a dark world! Thank you for your grace and love for all!"

    Carolyn Castella
    Gravenhurst, Canada.
  • My Camino Leggings
    Wear your Camino on the path and back home again. Unique Camino design leggings painted by artist Jill Sky Innes of Artistic Love. Wear them on your Camino and then you can take your journey back home with you. Fabric manufactured, designed and product made in Canada. Comfy and stretchy. Size Medium (US Ladies 6-8) Large (US Ladies 9-12)  
  • A beautifully designed fabric that explores the symbols of the Camino in a unique design that is inspired by Sue Kenney's 25th Camino in 2018. The design is painted by Jill Sky Inness of Artistic Love who embodies the Camino experience through stories and pictures. Gorgeous comfy clothing for walking the Camino or for your journey back home. Fabric Made in Canada. Product Manufactured in Canada. Fabric designed in Canada.