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Stone by Stone Storytelling CD

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Track Listing
  1. Prelude to a Journey
  2. Early Lessons
  3. Art of Self Love
  4. Bernie: A Legendary Dog of the Camino
  5. Stone by Stone
  6. Pilgrim’s Blessing
  7. My Miracle on Cebreiro
  8. Camino Ends as the Journey Begins
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Stone by Stone is a storytelling CD produced in 2003 and narrated by Sue Kenney with music by Gary Diggins. It was the first creative project Sue worked on after her return from the Camino in 2001 and was followed by the book My Camino. When she came back from this life altering journey, it became clear that her purpose in life is to inspire people to think differently. To infuse ideas, fun and spirit into the way one can live their life. Relax with Sue as she tells inspirational stories about the people she met and experiences encountered when she walked 780 kms along the pilgrimage route across the north of Spain, known as the Camino. The CD is a great gift — the gift of hope and inspiration. Order Sue’s Book or DVD here.

A Note from Sue Kenney

When I returned from Spain in December 2001, I came back to my life in the city of Toronto. I found integrating the lessons of the Camino very difficult in this environment. 6 months later, 2 of my daughters had moved in with their dad and my oldest daughter was at University in London, so I decided to move to my cottage in Floral Park on Lake Couchiching. I spent most of the winter alone writing workshops, poetry, fairy tales and stories about my life experiences. Up until this point in my life, I have never been a writer. I took a Creative Writing workshop at Ryerson, learned the basics and developed a style from there. I tried to write a book from my diary of the Camino, but couldn’t get the story down the way I wanted it. Recognizing my medium is my voice, I found a recording studio at Spadina and Queen and a professional who would work with me, since I had never even been in a studio or recorded before. After some struggles disconnecting the feedback that I wasn’t receiving in the studio, I finally surrendered to myself, removing all judgment and just started telling my stories. The outcome is a moving storytelling CD with inspirational anecdotes about the people and experiences I encountered on my journey. The CD is called Stone by Stone…inspirational stories about a woman’s journey to self love. Proceeds from the sale of each CD will go back to contribute to the maintenance of the hostels that house the pilgrims on the Camino. My purpose in life is to inspire people in some way so they can experience more love in every aspect. Every day I inspire people in some fashion, through the constant discipline of surrendering to universal love, to being love, giving love and receiving love.  My life has changed considerably, as I live my purpose in everything that I do.


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