An intenationally acclaimed keynote speaker Sue Kenney has inspired thousands of people with her stories about being downsized from her corporate career and then deciding to walk almost 800 kilometers across the north of Spain on the medieval pilgrimage route the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. She went alone in the winter and faced her deepest fear: being alone with herself on a journey to understanding her life purpose. Her stories give others courage and a sense of true hope. She offers tips and skills on how to incorporate the teachings in real life situations. You don’t have to worry about how to get the message across to your group, employees or association about how to work better as a team, how to reduce stress or how they are going to take yet another change in the organization. Sometimes it’s easier to bring someone in from the outside to communicate this message. And that leaves you more time to do focus on your responsibilities and be successful! Sue speaks to groups, organizations and buinesses about leadership and creativity. During these times of constant change its become increasingly important to honour oneself, face truth, recognize limits, know what you want and manifest change. Her approach is founded on the premise that we’ve progressed to a more open philosophy of principled leadership that is based on a foundation of virtues such as compassion, honesty, gratitude, truth, purpose and love, in business relationships. This approach to leadership is supported by the teachings of great business leaders like Robin Sharma, Lance Sectarian and Sue Kenney.
Through the use of her powerful voice, she infuses effective ideas, fun and a creative spirit by masterfully engaging her audience in the telling of her stories. Sue teaches useful leadership skills and concepts for adapting to the unknown, through her personal example and valuable life experience. If you have a specific topic or theme, Sue can adapt her stories to communicate and integrate your message.

Her first book My Camino is a Canadian best selling book in development as a feature film. She has a second book Confessions of a Pilgrim and is working on her third.  Sue has also produced and directed a feature length documentary about women and leadership called Las Peregrinas. A Bravo FACT (Foundation to Award Canadian Talent) award winner for her first short film titled FlipBook about the creative process of writing, is being positioned to raise funds for literacy programs and in 2012 she created the foundation Vision One Walk to support artists. Sue also wrote and performed a one-woman show My Caminoa walking performance internationally.



Sue’s Profile

  • Author of Canadian best selling book My Camino in development as a feature film
  • 20 years marketing and sales experience in corporate telecommunications industry
  • Walked almost 5000 kilomters on various pilgrimage and trail routes all over the world.  The Camino de Santiago de Compostela (France, Spain, Portugal) the Bruce Trail (Barefoot), Trans Canada Trail, East Coast Trail, Ganaraska Trail and more.
  • FISA World Masters Rowing Gold Medal Champion, two time silver medalist Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships and Canadian Masters gold medalist
  • Wrote, produced and recorded a storytelling CD Stone by Stone 3000 sold internationally
  • Author of Confessions of a Pilgrim and working on a third book The Contrary Way
  • Leadership in Life Coach and workshop facilitator
  • Marketing consultant
  • Camino/Life Coach

Speaking Topics

Sue can comfortably entertain a large or small audience with humor and the age-old art of storytelling. She talks about experiences people can relate to and often they remember her stories for years to come. Sue’s own life philosophy is about consciously taking each step in life as though we are on a journey to walk back to our authentic self. Each experience contributes to the wisdom we require at that moment in time to see the truth. After Sue’s talk, the audience will leave with a clearer idea of how they can live their life with passion and be more disciplined about completing something they have started. And they will come away with a new perspective and some tips about facing fear and integrating change. Sue has a 20 year history of training, coaching, management, consulting and much more. Blended with the humility of being a pilgrim on the Camino, Sue trained as a world class Masters rower (won a Gold medal at the Worlds) and an entrepreneur, she offers a unique perspective and numerous skills to share. Sue also has a very special gift she calls “intuitive facilitation” that offers her the the ability to sense and guide what should be spoken, one on one or in a group. Contact to book Sue for your event. Or call her directly at 705 8264641, she’d love to hear how she can help you to be even more successful.

Journey to the Soul

Get grounded and gain clarity. Learn how you can apply this approach in both personal and business scenarios, to improve how you adapt to change in your Leadership Journey.

Planning to Win

Sue leverages the lessons learned and experiences encountered when she committed a dream to become a world class rower. Sue made the crew that ultimately won a gold medal at the FISA World Masters Rowing Championships in 2001. By re-framing concepts of teamwork in a crew situation and goal setting as it aligns to her vision of a gold medal, Sue shares real life experiences that metaphorically teach concepts for effective leadership. The process is the same whether you are training to win a race or accomplishing everyday business or personal goals.

The Power of Surrender

You cannot control everything that happens in your life, so save the stress, take a deep breath and learn about the power of ‘surrender’. Sue tells stories about her recent solo pilgrimage that involved a 780-km walk across the north of Spain on the pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago. As the 29 days unfolded, this life-altering event revealed astonishing lessons. With the grace of a humble pilgrim, Sue imparts the secrets of the power of surrender and the impact of awareness in giving one choice about everyday personal or business decisions.

Barefoot Healing

Often one of the happiest memories we have as children is being barefoot. Have we forgotten to integrate this important component of a holistic approach to everyday life? In this talk you will learn about the healing powers of being barefoot some of the time. Not only will you have more energy, you can improve your posture, balance and flexibility, earthing offers other healing and minerals that your body needs to contribute to a natural healing process. It’s right under our feet and it’s free!

Sue’s Clients

  • Berlin Yoga Festival
  • CAFE
  • Calgary Chamber of Commerce
  • Canada Life Assurance
  • Canadian Association for Family Enterprise
  • Canadian Association of Meeting Planners
  • Canadian Decorators Association
  • Chapters/Indigo Book Stores
  • Fern Resort
  • London Women’s Show
  • Miami Women’s Film Festival
  • Raindance Film Festival
  • Rotary Club
  • Probis
  • Women to Womwn
  • TD Canada Trust
  • The Little Company of Pilgrims

Sue has lectured at several educational institutions including:

  • University of Toronto
  • Kings College University
  • Ontario College of Art and Design
  • Humber College
  • Georgian College
  • Grand Bahamas International School

About Sue

Sue has lectured at: University of Toronto, Kings University, Ontario College of Art and Design, Humber College, Georgian College, Pickering College, Grand Bahamas International School, The Banff School and more. Clients include: Ontario Hospital Association, Canada Life, E.D. Smith, Advocis, Bell Canada, Ontario Truckers Association, City of Hamilton, Fern Resort, CGI Services, Canadian Association for Family Enterprise, International Association for Accident Prevention.


Sue’s fees vary based on the size of the audience, whether it’s for a business or charity group and your budget. To inquire about booking Sue as a Speaker, please contact Stone by Stone Productions at or call 705 8264641.


She has been a guest appearing on Dragons’ Den TV Show, Breakfast Television Toronto and Halifax, Good Morning Canada,  CBC Radio; Wildrose Forum/Ontario Today/Freestyle,  CTV, The New VR, Rogers Daytime, CBC Radio in Victoria and Vancouver, the Calgary Herald, the Toronto Star, Muskoka Magazine and much more.


Hello Sue, I just wanted to mention that I saw you on Breakfast Television last week and you made a tremendous impact using your sorrow stones story. Congratulations on all of your success! I would appreciate if you would forward a promotional package to me in regard to your seminars which I will provide to our corporate events coordinator with a strong endorsement!  Take good care,

Joyce Paron, President, EXIT Reality Corp International, Toronto

Sue, I have attended many motivational speaker sessions over the last 15 years and felt yours was one of my favorites …. Ranking up there with Jim Rohn and Mark Victor Hansen.  You delivered a moving, inspirational, heart inspired story of conquering life’s fears and living life to its absolute fullest.  You painted word pictures so vividly that I could see myself following in the amazing steps of your journey with the same passion you delivered your talk with.   Outstanding!

D'Arcie Rogers, Executive Financial Consultant Investors Group Financial Services, Calgary