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Mariposa Folk Festival Workshop

Hippies have been going barefoot at Mariposa Folk Festival since the 1960’s. They knew the value of connecting to Mother Earth and the feeling of freedom they experienced while [...]

My Ecuador Camino

Join Sue as she journey's in the village of Mindo in the Cloud Forest to reconnect with nature and the culture of this lush country.

Photo Gallery

The following photos are available for use in press stories and for promotional use in conjunction with Sue Kenney's appearances, events, and activities. All other uses and rights must [...]


We arrived at about 1:30pm this afternoon. It´s hot and sunny here so it was a more difficult day than we had imagined. We thought we only had 15kms [...]

About Sue

"Only the impossible is impossible. " Sue Kenney After being suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom career, Sue Kenney left the comfort of her world to embark on a pilgrimage [...]

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